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Evening Secret Blog – Lake Trout Fishing

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Lake Trout can mostly be found in the northern part of the United States and Canada. They are prized as both a game fish as well as a food fish. Lake trout are the largest of the trout species and can grow in excess of 40 pounds in some cases. Lake trout are dependant on cold, deep, oxygen rich water, which is why they are mostly found in the Northern parts of North America. As a matter of fact, here’s a trivia question for you: Did you know that nearly 25% of Canada’s lake trout population…

Roy Lake Field Report
Summertime is finally here. For many folks, summertime means a well earned vacation. An escape if you will, from the common drudgery and hum drum of the 9 to 5 world we all get caught up in. You’ve dreamt about it all year long. So let me ask you this…shouldn’t that vacation you’ve been yearning for be memorable?

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Smallmouth Bass And Spawning Patterns
When do the Smallmouth Bass begin spawning? Tags: florida bass fishing, bass fishing ohio, orlando bass fishing, bass fishing in georgia, bass fishing lures, bass lake fishing


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Evening Secret Blog – Dream Fishing Vacation Packages At Vamizi Lodge Maluane Island Quirimba Mozambique

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Almost by accident I found one of my dream fishing vacation packages at Vamizi Island Lodge, on Maluane Island in the Quirimba Archipeligo Mozambique. I also found out this is an Eco Lodge adventure vacation, but it is my idea of a romantic affordable honeymoon idea, as many of the other guests were honeymooners. One or two of them just love the idea of remote island vacations, and in fact this is almost one of the ideal honeymoon destinations for warm weather during the winter.So how did I com…

Hurghada’s Giftun Island has great snorkelling and – Egypt Today
Wi th its year-round sunshine, water sports and exciting nightlife, Hurghada has become one of the nation’s top resort destinations. Basically a long stretch of resorts that somehow feel less contrived than Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada retains

FISH REPORT – Curry Coastal Pilot
While on the road to Tunatown last Tuesday I stumbled into the land of Albieville and decided to stay a while.  Albieville is a place where Lothario Ellistein’s mind wanders when he needs a giant warm fuzzy. Anyway I was looking at the ol’ Terrafin

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Evening Secret Blog – How Can You Fish Without a Real Fishing Pole?

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As a young girl, the only other kid in the neighborhood I had to play with was a boy my age that lived down the road from me. We lived in the country in a quiet neighborhood with a sheep farm down the road that had winding stream that ran behind their property and my neighbor’s house as well. Needless to say, I learned to play with “boy toys” such as his farm toys, cars ,etc, and played Cowboys and Indians (that should give you a hint of what era!), and I was always the Indian for some reason!! …

Fishing report: Aug. 29 – Knoxville News Sentinel
Conditions: Water levels continue to drop on the tributary lakes. Loudoun, Watts Bar and Chickamauga are mostly steady. Most lakes are murky with temperatures in the low-to-mid-70s. Species: Bass-Good. Topwater fishing in weedy areas of the main

Best fishing of late found on inland lakes, rivers – Post-Tribune
While action on Lake Michigan has been slow over the past week, fishing on rivers and inland waters has been productive. Penny Boisvert of Greenwood Bait & Tackle, 750 West and Toto Road, North Judson reported that good action for walleye, catfish

Event honors active duty military – Augusta Chronicle
If you’ve ever served as a member of the armed forces, one of the first things you hear is “Don’t Ever Volunteer!” Last year, Shannan Tilson and many Augusta area residents ignored that motto to launch the inaugural Take Our Troops Fishing. Eighty

THE MURKY DEPTHS : NWA Fishing Report – Northwest Arkansas News
Cooler mornings seem to be bringing bass out of their summer depths and anglers are taking advantage by slinging topwater lures. That August sun is still hot, however, so deep plastics still rule the afternoon hours. Have a great weekend and enjoy

Mid-South Fishing Report – Memphis Commercial Appeal
Pickwick Lake: Guide Clagett Talley (731-607-5266) says topwater fishing for bass is excellent just after sunrise with buzz baits and “popper” lures like the Strike King Spit-N-King. Below the dam, anglers are catching quite a few stripers on medium

Weekly Minnesota fishing report – Minneapolis Star Tribune
Anglers are catching crappies two hours before sunset in 15 feet, bobber fishing perch-colored jigs or crappie minnows, according to Johnson’s Portside. Walleye action reported in 8 to 12 feet on the rocks bobber fishing leeches. Nisswa-Brainerd area

Weekly local fishing report – News-Democrat
Baldwin Lake (Baldwin): No change from last week. Water temperatures continue to hover around 100 degrees. Fishing for most species –bluegill, catfish, crappie, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass –is spotty to nonexistent. Carlyle Lake (Carlyle

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Evening Secret Blog – Trout Fishing Secrets

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Dear Friend,

If you are sick and tired of coming home from fishing trips empty handed, having to eat fast food instead of delicious steamed trout, then this will be the most important message you read today.

Let me tell you why:

There is more to fishing than you might have first thought. To be more precise, there’s more to the fish themselves and how they think, than you would have ever even considered.

Understanding How Fish Think Is
The Key To Successful Fishing!

Admittedly this message …

THE MURKY DEPTHS : NWA Fishing Report – Northwest Arkansas News
Cooler mornings seem to be bringing bass out of their summer depths and anglers are taking advantage by slinging topwater lures. That August sun is still hot, however, so deep plastics still rule the afternoon hours. Have a great weekend and enjoy

Weekly Fishing Advisory – Hartford Courant
Largemouth bass fishing has been fair to good with reports from Glasgo Pond, Mashapaug Lake, Aspinook Pond, Bantam Lake (4.5-pounder), Candlewood Lake , Quaddick Reservoir, Rainbow Reservoir, Lake Lillinonah, Pataconk Lake (22 inch bass), Babcock

Friends land big bass at new, secret spot – News Register
Fishing friends Randy Williams and Sawyer McMullen dangled a worm in the slough waters below an Amity-area bridge on Aug. 22, hoping to persuade another catfish or bass to swallow their their bait. According to 13-year-old Randy, who lives between

Tidal bass willing to reward anglers – Washington Times
A number of local anglers who diligently work over the drops, cuts, channels, marsh banks and weed edges of the tidal Potomac River and its feeder creeks agree that this year’s largemouth bass fishing has been phenomenal.

The bay’s diminishing bounty – Baltimore Sun
At the turn of the 20th century, fortunes were made and lost on Chesapeake Bay oysters. But those days were long ago. Today’s oyster and crab fisheries are faced with disease and decline. Larry Simns, president of the Maryland Watermen’s

Weekly fishing report – Inside Nova
POTOMAC RIVER – D.C. – Bass anglers in the city are finding bass on the main river bridge pilings, riprap and other man-made structure. Lots of good bass are also being taken from Blue Plains Sewage Treatment outfall and The Spoils. Best choices of

Anglers’ group seeks ban on commercial bass fishing – Patriot Ledger
Should striped bass be available to all types of fishermen, commercial and recreational? Or should it be enjoyed by one exclusive group? That’s a no-brainer to members of “Stripers Forever,” a fraternity of leisure fishermen based in Portland

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Evening Secret Blog – Bass Fishing Tips (Jigs)

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Jigs are one of the oldest artificial baits used in angling. The earliest examples used a weighted hooks with animal hairs or bird feathers tied to them. The jigs used today are still just that simple, but come in a wide variety of styles. By adding an assortment of jigs to your tackle box will make you a much more versatile and consistently productive bass angler.Jigs can be broken down into two general categories; those that are designed for light-line use, for smallmouth and finesse largemout…

60 years ago, they were engaged during a Sunday sermon – Dallas Morning News

Dallas Morning News

60 years ago, they were engaged during a Sunday sermon
Dallas Morning News, TX – 6 hours ago
Sunday evening, the younger kids would sulk and hide. "They didn't want to go home." The Cedar Creek Lake property eventually became too much to keep up,

Romney’s brother denies knowledge of Secret Service checking out … – Detroit Free Press

Voice of America

Romney’s brother denies knowledge of Secret Service checking out
Detroit Free Press, United States – Aug 28, 2008
the brother of Mitt Romney, said early this evening that it’s news to him. Scott Romney said he doesn’t know anything about the Secret Service sweeping
Video: AP Exclusive: Pawlenty Talks VP Job AssociatedPress
VP pick is shrouded in secrecy Boston Globe
Waiting game for McCain veep The Associated Press
Wall Street Journal – WFLX Fox 29
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Secret Drinker – Tiger Tiger, Croydon – Croydon Advertiser

Secret Drinker – Tiger Tiger, Croydon
Croydon Advertiser, UK – 20 hours ago
SD has spent many a rather drunken evening in Tiger Tigers around the UK but mainly in Croydon. As good a time as was had, SD really can't claim to remember

Jessica's secret lovers? – Kuwait Times

Jessica's secret lovers?
Kuwait Times, Kuwait – 4 hours ago
The 'Disturbia' star began her evening at Hollywood nightspot Coco de Ville, before meeting Leonardo at the Villa lounge. The stars and their entourages

Obama comes out fighting – New Statesman

ABC News

Obama comes out fighting
New Statesman, UK – 17 hours ago
McCain, meanwhile, also took advantage of the evening to spring a surprise, one-upmanship campaign ad on the nation’s television screens.
Video: Obama Compares McCain To Bush CBS
Obama Accepts Nomination; Links McCain and Bush
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Movie Review | What We Do Is Secret Crash of punk rocker no surprise – Columbus Dispatch

Columbus Dispatch

Movie Review | What We Do Is Secret Crash of punk rocker no surprise
Columbus Dispatch, OH – 14 hours ago
The night of the singer's intentional overdose was the same night John Lennon was shot to death in New York, and that's all the evening news wanted to talk

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Evening Secret Blog – Fly Fishing Reels

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Fly fishing is one of the fastest growing sports at the moment. Men and women both enjoy it and many participants say that the feeling they get from catching a fish is extraordinary. To be successful at fly fishing, it is necessary to have the proper equipment. One of the most important components of a fly fishing rig is the fishing reel. People who go to a large sporting goods store will be amazed by how many reels are there.

The fly reel is very important because it dictates how much contro…

Crappie Ice Fishing Tips article on crappie ice fishing in lakes, rivers, and ponds. I really don’t care where you live in the upper Midwest, you’re in driving distance of a

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Evening Secret Blog – Using GPS for Fishing

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When it comes to fishing, productivity and efficiency come hand in hand with the fisher’s ability to read a map. It is important to be able to look down at a map and read the depths of the lake correctly in order to determine the route of the fish as well as the feeding grounds. Reading a map before heading out to fish results in spending more time fishing in the active areas as oppose to casting out blindy. Take the time to learn to read maps properly to make the most use out of your time …

Excellent Fishing Rods for that Perfect Fishing Experience Today’s fishing rods have incorporated modern features that are not typical of the more primitive cane pole. Modern fishing rods contain reels, which aid in the retrieval of fish caught in its bait. A much-sophisticated feature is the spinning rod where the entire shaft of the rod except the handle can move around on its axis to allow flexibility when fish caught on snare bait struggles through the water. Like the classic cane fishing r…

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