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Evening Secret Blog – Fishing Directory For Fishing World Wide Water

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The easiest information obtained about fishing can be found online in the largest fishing directory in the world. Fisherman from every continent depend on a common source for fishing guides, fishing reports, new gear, fishing history or just to log onto a fishing forum through their favorite fishing directory.

Fishing has surpassed all other hobbies as the number one outdoor event that captures our time and money. Fishing categories can usually be disseminated with the use of a fishing director…

1031 Fishing Report – Southern Illinoisan
Crab Orchard – The cold front that passed through the region earlier this week slowed fishing this week. Anglers are picking up a few crappie in 6-10 feet on minnows and jigs. Most other species are slow. Horseshoe Lake – Crappie action remains

Fishing: Northeastern Louisiana report – News-Star
BLACK BAYOU – Bass are best on Rat-L-Traps and topwater lures fished around the grass. Crappie are fair to good punching jigs through the grass mats. CANEY LAKE – Some big bass are being caught with several in the 8 to 9 pound range reported

S.C. fishing report – The State
LAKE GREENWOOD: Catfish: Very good. Big flathead catfish can be caught in 10-15 feet of water around heavy brush that is close to ledges. Bream: Very good. Bream action is strong in shallow water 3-4 feet deep. Use crickets and red worms. Largemouth

Walleye, crappie remain active – Post-Tribune
Anglers targeting inland waters can still pick up some panfish for the freezer or frying pan, according to reports from local bait shops. Doris Salada of Country Bait, U.S. 6 and Meridian Road, Valparaiso, reported that action has been best this past

State News – Pine Bluff Commercial
Lake Conway: The water is at normal level and the clarity is fair. Bream are fair in 31/2 feet of water on worms, wax worms and crickets. Crappie are fair on chartreuse jigs and minnows in lily pads around 31/2 to 5 feet deep. Bass are biting well on

Fishing Tournaments – Augusta Chronicle
Sponsoring a bass, crappie, catfish or other fishing tournament? Mail or fax your flyer or information to Fishing Editor, The Augusta Chronicle, P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, Ga. 30903-1928. Fax number: (706) 823-3408. Tournament reports must include first

Lake Lanier Fishing Report – GainsvilleTimes
Lake temperatures are in the lower 60s to high 50s. The lake is clear to slightly stained. The Lake Lanier level is around 1,052.5 feet or 18.5 feet below the normal full pool of 1,071 feet. The Chattahoochee River is stained. The cooler weather has

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Evening Secret Blog – Parts Of A Fly Fishing Rod

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Fly fishing is absolutely never complete without a fly fishing rod. A rod has several specifications and parts as well so before you decide on taking a splash for the fish you just can?t wait to get your hook in to, be sure you have an idea what your rod is really made of. First, although fly rods have different shapes and sizes; some are longer, heavier or more colorful than the others, the different parts of a rod doesn?t change at all. The important part of the rod is referred to the rod blan…

Minnesota Fishing Report – Bemidji Pioneer

Minnesota Fishing Report
Bemidji Pioneer, MN – 10 hours ago
On Lake Emily, fishing with minnows from shore or pulling shallow- running crankbaits on the lake has produced walleyes. The best walleye action on Lake

Weekly Ohio fishing report – Port Clinton News Herald

Weekly Ohio fishing report
Port Clinton News Herald, OH – 7 hours ago
Western Basin—Walleye fishing has remained slow over the past week. The best fishing was north of Kelleys Island, including Gull Island Shoal and Kelleys

Iowa fishing report – Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

Iowa fishing report
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, IA – Oct 27, 2008
Maquoketa River (Delaware): Smallmouth bass and walleye fishing are excellent below the Lake Delhi Dam. Turkey River (Clayton): Smallmouth bass and walleye

Michigan DNR: Wet, windy weather limits fishing –

Michigan DNR: Wet, windy weather limits fishing, MI – 9 hours ago
Perch fishing was fair, and the walleye should begin to move into shallow waters soon. Huron River: With work being done at the Flat Rock Dam,

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Evening Secret Blog – Fly Fishing Equipement

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With fly fishing equipment, you get what you pay for. A rod and reel outfit can start under $50 for a beginner setup, and range to well over $1,000 for the expert rigs even at the big discount outdoors shops.If you wait to buy when you get to the lake, river, or stream, you?ll pay dearly at the local fly shops. Choosing a fly rod is done by considering the size of the fish you?re after, and the landscape and conditions you are fishing in. Fly rods are rated by a number, the most common being bet…

Saltwater reel
How should I go about picking a new saltwater fishing reel to buy? There are so many choices, and I’m confused. Tags: fishing line, fishing boats, saltwater tackle, florida fishing, alabama saltwater fishing

What hooks do you use to catch a flatfish?
what hooks do you ues to catch a flatfish Tags: fishing tackle, saltwater fishing rods, saltwater fishing knots, fishing line, saltwater fishing

Lose Fish Jumping
Every time I’m fishing I usually catch a big one but right before he gets to shore they jump and I lose it. So when a bass jumps how do you keep from losing it? Jonathan Tags: bass fishing reports, arkansas bass fishing, white bass fishing, mexico bass fishing, best bass fishing, bass fishing baits

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Evening Secret Blog – Spring Trout Fishing At Big Bear Lake (And Anywhere Else)

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Spring is the time all of us avid fishermen wait for each year. In Big Bear Lake, it’s like fishing in a barrel. I know that sounds unreal to you that live 7,000 feet down the hill. However it is that good!So if your ever in the neighborhood of the San Bernardino Mountains, don’t miss this lake.Fishing for trout at this altitude is different only because of the cold water. Did you know that the colder the water is, the better they bite? So the more you can brave the elements, the time to fish is…

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Evening Secret Blog – Bass Fishing – Bigger The Knowledge The BIGGER The FISH

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Why is it so important to have more knowledge under your belt when bass fishing, simple, more fish?
Is your catch of bass becoming less on every fishing trip, did you ever wonder that the bait you are using is not to the fishes liking or could it be your choice of location to catch a whopper be the wrong speck.
If just starting out to join in the fun of bass fishing then it is important that you fully understand the needs on how to bait. Which bait to use – where are the best locations for bas…

What hooks do you use to catch a flatfish?
what hooks do you ues to catch a flatfish Tags: saltwater fishing, saltwater fishing knots, saltwater fishing rods, fishing line, fishing tackle

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Evening Secret Blog – Charter Fishing (Big And Small Game Tours)

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Whether you live in California, Florida or Hawaii many people have not experienced the thrill and excitement of ocean fishing. Many think of fishing as boring and unadventurous. Shore fishing is what comes to most peoples mind and the picture of one standing for hours on end tossing a fishing rod into the water and retrieving it repeatedly with no catch.Face it, how many fish live near the shoreline? A good amount! but I wouldnt say alot, so to be where the fish are you need to be in the water a…

Ready to plan your fly fishing trip? Then here are some tips on planning that will make yourfly fishing trip go much smoother, and your fishing timemore productive.Ready to plan your fly fishing trip? Then here are some tips on planning that will make yourfly fishing trip go much smoother, and your fishing timemore productive. When planning for your fly fishing trip in Wyoming, there areseveral factors that should be considered. A little time spentplanning will make your fly fishing trip mo…

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Evening Secret Blog – California Fishing

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California is the most populous state in the United States of America, but there is still plenty of room to fish. California is broken up into six distinct regions, all with various fishing regulations. California boasts 1,100 miles of ocean coastline, 220,000 square miles of ocean waters, 4,172 lakes and reservoirs, 29,664 miles of streams and rivers, and 1,800 miles of bay and delta waters, California has more fishing opportunities than any other state in the country. With that amount of wa…

Walleye stamp design winner to be named Thursday – Minneapolis Star Tribune
ST. PAUL, Minn. – The winner of Minnesota’s first walleye stamp design contest will be named Thursday. A five-judge panel will conduct the public round of judging at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources headquarters in St

Plenty of good fishing still available – Petoskey News-Review
October and November are great months for the outdoor set. There are so many activities that vie for attention — hunting for grouse and squirrels; hiding out on the fields and marshes for ducks and geese and deer hunting of course with the bow in

Midwest fishing report – Chicago Sun-Times
FISH OF THE WEEK: Allan Stohl proved the last worm gets the big one, a 21½-inch largemouth bass. On Father’s Day (I misplaced this), the 6½-year-old was fishing with his dad Mark at Grove Lake in Addison, catching lots of bluegill on worms and

Republican angered by Bachmann revives candidacy – Minneapolis Star Tribune
An Immelmann is a precise aerobatic maneuver in which an airplane performs a half-roll to reverse its direction. A Bachmann is sloppier but more spectacular: To perform a Bachmann, a candidate for Congress puts her foot in her mouth, talks stupidly

FISHING REPORT – Cleveland Plain Dealer
If the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s marine forecast and some of the regular weather forecasts are correct, anglers will have another roller coaster ride this weekend. That includes big winds and waves on Lake Erie, and the

FISHING REPORT – Steelhead action picks up as salmon runs end – Holland Sentinel
Steelhead action has picked up as the salmon runs are pretty much done, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources said Wednesday. Walleye fishing has slowed, but those seeking panfish will find this time of year produces some monster bluegills

‘Nite bite’ for walleye action mainly in Michigan water – Toledo Blade
The elusive but intriguing Lake Erie “night bite” for walleye is on, but you’ll have to have a Michigan fishing license to play. That is because the action is taking place along the extreme west end of the Lake, the Maize and Blue side, from Luna

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Evening Secret Blog – Winter Ice Makes Fishing Fun

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With winter quickly approaching, people who live in some of the colder regions of the country are preparing for the ice fishing season. Ice fishing is a charming sport in that people who do it often feel as though they are slipping into character. As you put on the several layers of warm and dry clothing, you can’t help but feel as though you are playing the role of some experienced, seasoned fisherman who is about to conquer the hostile environment of the winter’s ice and snow.Ice fishing is mo…

Reel type
When is the best time to use spinning gear? Tags: arkansas bass fishing, orlando bass fishing, bass fishing clubs, smallmouth bass fishing, bass fishing techniques, austin bass fishing

Winter Fishing Lures In Texas
what’s the best lure for winter fishing. (fall) on lake livingston tx. Tags: striped bass fishing, alabama bass fishing, bass fishing boat, bass fishing gifts, bass fishing in california, bass fishing lures

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Evening Secret Blog – Fly Fishing Gear

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Fly Fishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the last ten years. Many practitioners of the sport look at it almost as a science. It is not as simple as just taking a rod and reel out to a lake and waiting for the fish to bite, it is all about proper using the techniques and choosing the appropriate gear.

There are some steps that should be taken when one is buying fly fishing gear that make it easier to choose among the thousands of products offered. Experienced fly fishers will emphas…

What is good bait to use when going salt water fishing?
what is good bait to use when going salt water fishing? Tags: saltwater fishing reels, deep sea fishing, saltwater fishing knots, fishing guide, sea fishing

Can you give me some good halibut fishing techniques?
Can you give me some good halibut fishing techniques? Tags: saltwater fishing gear, fishing boats, fishing in saltwater, deep sea fishing, saltwater fishing reports

Re: centerpin “clicker”

I see where the intellect stems from. Childish behavior even with the boards owner……..

the world would be a very boring place if everyone was the same.

on …

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Evening Secret Blog – Alaska Fishing Vacation

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What conjures up more intense thoughts to an angler of any kind than the phrase ‘Alaska Fishing Vacation’? Probably not very much, to the average angler the phrase ‘Alaska Fishing Vacation’ is as provocative a phrase as anything his girlfriend has ever said to him. And for the avid woman angler, the same would apply. The fishing opportunities that the great state of Alaska offers are unparalleled anywhere in the world. From salmon to halibut, the fishing opportunities in “The Last Frontier” …

Alaska fishing and lodging is an amazing experience. First, you will enter the environment and be amazed at the beauty that it has to offer. Then, as you breathe, you will find that wonderful, crisp, fresh scent of the air surrounding you. When you walk into your lodge, you will be nothing short of amazed at the beauty, the natural qualities and the wonder that you have encountered. Of course, none of this can hold anything to the fly fishing you’ll be doing in these areas. Alaska is known for …

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