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Evening Secret Blog – Consider The French River For Your Next Fishing Vacation

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If you’re looking for beauty, silence, solitude, and some wonderful fishing, you need to consider the French River in northern Ontario. My family has been vacationing on the French River for the better part of fifty years. We’re currently on our fourth generation, so it could be argued that were a bit biased. But setting all bias aside, the French River is remarkable in its ability to straighten a persons head out. Oh, and the fishing’s not too bad either.The French River is home to such del…

Fishing report – The News Journal

Fishing report
The News Journal, DE
The shop also reported a 1.59-pound crappie from Noxontown Pond for Alice Flanagan. George Pechin said he had been hearing reports of good bass fishing at Haven Lake, Trap Pond and Garrison Lake from his customers at the Williamsville Country Store.

Fishing report – The Southern

Fishing report
The Southern, IL
Horseshoe Lake – The lake is up a couple feet, but anglers are taking good numbers of crappie. Crappie fishing has been good throughout the lake. Fish were spawning before last week's storms. Minnows and jigs are equally effective.
Mississippi outdoors: Mid-South Juniors take bass crown DeSoto Appeal
Fishing Report: Bass hitting behind docks, catfish after the Lake Expo
Oklahoma Fishing Report
Lake County News – The State
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Fishing Report: Crappie fishing hot, perch are biting – The Plain Dealer –

Fishing Report: Crappie fishing hot, perch are biting
The Plain Dealer –, OH
by D'Arcy Egan/Plain Dealer Outdoors Writer Crappie fishing is excellent on inland lakes around the area, and bluegills are moving shallow. Lake Erie walleye and perch fishing is good to outstanding, depending on the location and weather.
Fishing Report: Crappie on summer pattern Jackson Clarion Ledger
Fishing report
Northwest Arkansas Fishing Report The Morning News
Bastrop Daily Enterprise – Athens Daily Review
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Fishing Report –

Ironton Tribune

Fishing Report, MO
Crappie fishing is fair. Striper fishing is fair. Bluegill fishing is good on crickets, worms and small minnows. Catfishing is good using trotlines and jugs baited with stink bait, chicken liver or shiners. Bass fishing has been fair.
Mid-South fishing report Memphis Commercial Appeal
Jim Morris' fishing report for May 28 Dayton Daily News
Northwest Arkansas Fishing Report The Morning News
The Post-Standard – – Monroe News Star
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A good trip doesn't always mean there's a smooth ride – Albert Lea Tribune

Albert Lea Tribune

A good trip doesn't always mean there's a smooth ride
Albert Lea Tribune, MN
The crappie fishing has tailed off a bit on Big and Little Cutfoot, and look to the shallows for more consistent action. The weight of your jig is very critical and when the wind blows quarter ounce jigs are the ticket and with less wind one eighth or

Ironic? Midwest Fishing Report – Chicago Sun-Times

Illinois Game and Fish Magazine

Ironic? Midwest Fishing Report
Chicago Sun-Times, United States
No gas powered motors are permitted, and bank fishing is not allowed. For more, call (309) 547-2730. I was on Evergreen [Tuesday]. Crappie fishing was nothing short of fantastic. The crappies were up in the shallow near shore waters.
Mid-South fishing report for May 22 Memphis Commercial Appeal
DNR fishing report Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
Jim Morris' fishing report for May 20 Dayton Daily News
Gazette Online – Montgomery County Courier
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Evening Secret Blog – Silver Salmon Fishing

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In game fishing, hardly any game fish specie defeats the mainstays. Consisting of Tarpons, Wahoo, Marlins and Tunas, these all-time favorites are what made high sea big game fishing the most widely enjoyed sport.For the freshwater game fishing, nothing beats the classic bass fishing. In such effect, bass fishing industry and other related industry have evolved to become multi-billion dollar commercial institutions. One prominent institution is the Annual Bass Master Classic Tournament which is i…

Day of deep-sea fishing ends with unexpected big prize – Goldsboro News Argus

Day of deepsea fishing ends with unexpected big prize
Goldsboro News Argus, NC
Last weekend, on a deepsea fishing trip with five friends off the North Carolina coast, those lessons returned. Our day-long trip booked with the Captain Stacy Fishing Center in Atlantic Beach got pushed back to Mother's Day due to rough seas.

Fishing resumes after 45-day ban – Hindu

Fishing resumes after 45-day ban
Hindu, India
RAMANATHAPURAM: The fishermen of Rameswaram on Saturday resumed the fishing operations after a 45-day annual ban on deep sea fishing enforced to create smooth breeding environment for marine species. The mechanised boats, anchored in the jetty at

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Evening Secret Blog – Crappie Fishing Techniques

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One of the most popular fish to go out and catch, or should I say attempt to catch, is the crappie. People from all over the country fish for these little beauties, mostly because they provide such great table fare. Of all the fish swimming is freshwater, crappie are in the running for the best tasting. Their light flaky meat is much like the flesh of a walleye, only a bit “sweeter”. There are many techniques that can be used to catch crappie, but two of the most popular have to be live minn…

Iowa DNR fishing report – Cedar Rapids Gazette
River stage at Dubuque is 8.5 feet and is forecast remain stable to slowly fall over the next week. Water clarity is fair. Water temperature is in the high 60s. Channel catfi — Fair: Some fish being caught in the shallows in backwaters and in side

Current Rating: – Southern Illinoisan
Crab Orchard – The anglers venturing out on the lake are catching crappie. Fish are being found at depths of 2-9 feet. The larger fish seem to be holding over deeper cover. Anglers are also picking up good numbers of catfish. A 40-pound flathead was

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Evening Secret Blog – The Secrets To Bass Fishing

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You just recently discovered the wonderful hobby of fishing but you aren?t sure what to do next. Which fish should you try for? What bait do you use? Well, here is a bit of info to help you get started on your fishing journey. This will help you take the guesswork out of one of the most favorite past times – Bass fishing. So lets get started on giving you some secrets of Bass fishing.First, you must know what type of Bass you are going to fish for. This will help you in choosing the right equipm…

Bass fishing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bass fishing is the activity of angling for the North American gamefish known colloquially as the black bass. There are numerous black bass species considered as gamefish in North

Bass Fishing Secrets – Catch That Bass
What are the bass fishing secrets? Oxygen availability, spawning place and food are the factors for making the bass thrive in water. Being very strong fighters, bass are very

Massachusetts Bass Fishing – Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Fishing in
All about fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass in Massachusetts – Learn the tips, tricks, times and places for catching Mass bass throughout the state of Massachusetts – MA

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Evening Secret Blog – Beginner Fly Fishing Techniques – Casting The Fly

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Beginner Fly Fishing Techniques – Casting The FlySubmitted By: Mick Legg   

I was put off of fly fishing for years simply because I thought it would be too hard to learn. There is so much hype about casting a fly with a fly rod, different actions and movements that it all sounds too complicated for the poor beg…

Anyone staying at Lakeside during Orleans Pro-am
by Fishtails (Posted Fri, 29 May 2009 17:36:50 GMT)
We will be staying there Carl. I’d be more than happy to give him a lift each morning. Get me his site #, as I am making reservations this weekend and I’ll make sure we are close to him.

How to find the Cheapest Gas Prices
Fishing and boating gets more expensive every time you go out thanks to high gas prices. I found some tools that will help put some money back in your wallet.

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Evening Secret Blog – Saltwater Fishing: The Basics You Need To Know

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The fish you are after in saltwater fishing are probably these:
– cod
– tarpon
– eels
– sea catfish
– mackerel
– barracuda
– swordfish
– bass
– tuna
– sharks
– and many more varieties.
The Gear You Need
First and foremost, you need a good quality rod. Go for 8 and a half to 9 feet. Also, insure it is good quality as you will need the strength. In reels, you should go for those that are protected from saltwater corrosion. Look for those made from stainless steel, titanium or fiber/resin. Again, …

1. Open Communication matters. It is important that you provide the guide all the information they need so that they will figure out what kind of fishing trip is best for you. Be sure to be honest in telling the guide how much experience you have regarding fishing. This will help them to know what advice and tips to give you so that you can make the most out of your time. 2. Seek the help of friends and relatives. Ask your friends and relatives who have fished and if not they may be able to prov…

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Evening Secret Blog – Ausable River Salmon Fishing

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Get your gears cranking. Take out those 10 feet rods and some of your finest lures, because we?re going for salmon fishing over at Ausable River, among the few spots where trout and salmon fishing is at its best.Accurately, so few fishing hotspots can rival Ausable River for year round trout and salmon fishing. It?s as if the presence of the Great Lakes nearby can already be taken for granted. So are you ready for an Ausable River Salmon Fishing Trip?Adirondack Sport ShopP.O. Box 125, Wilmington…

Evening News 24 – City’s secret chemical tests unearthed
Norwich Evening News, Your guide to Norwich, UK City’s secret chemical tests unearthed 05 July 2005 13:10 Further details of secret germ warfare tests carried out on Norwich

Enchanted Evening – “A Secret Garden”
Heritage Museums and Gardens Sandwich, Cape Cod. Philanthropic Gala event at a private home in Hyannis Port. Save the date – details to come

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Evening Secret Blog – Fly Fishing is Only a Short Train Ride from NYC’s Penn Station

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It is now possible for urban fly fishers to leave the city in the morning and return the same evening while enjoying a day of fly fishing on some of the country’s legendary rivers and streams.Penn Station or Grand Central is the start of a commuter length train ride that leaves the angler at the doorstep of the Catskills. This makes it easy for today’s busy executive or professional to grab a day in the outdoors, where before the travel arrangements and planning made such a jaunt at least a two …

Crappie Fishing USA
Welcome to the most comprehensive crappie fishing site on the web! Your one-stop source for crappie fishing information.

Crappie Fishing Guides
Crappie Stuff, Where Everything Is Crappie! Plan your next fishing vacation with one of our guides. Crappie guides listed by state.

Wisconsin Crappie Fishing
The spring thaw is coming! That means it’s almost time to go crappie fishing. You can’t go wrong on these waters.

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Evening Secret Blog – Fishing Finicky Walleyes

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Summer walleye, this is the time for the most popular game fish in Canada. Tens of thousands of anglers consider this their favourite fish to catch for the sport and mostly for the fact that it is one of the greatest fish to eat.

This tip comes from an experience while fishing walleye in Northern Ontario, on Manitoulin Island, in went out early in the morning hoping to pick up a few walleye early.

I headed for a shoal that I fish frequently; it is about 20 to 25 feet of water, and drops …

Fishing: Northeastern Louisiana report – News-Star
BLACK BAYOU – Bass fishing is best on floating worms over grass beds. Crappie are scattered and fair on shiners and jigs fished along the edges of the grass beds. Bream fishing is good around shallow beds on crickets and worms. CANEY LAKE – Bream

Northwest Arkansas Fishing Report – Morning News
Beaver Lake: Striped bass are migrating to the north end of Beaver Lake and are biting a variety of lures. Scott Humphreys at Lost Bridge Marina said stripers are hitting jigs, Rat-L-Traps, Red Fins and Zara Spooks. Anglers are watching for surfacing

Memorial Day Weekend – Greene County Daily World
Camping in the area. Many Thanks to the Men and Women serving in our military around the world for helping to preserve our freedom. I thought in this blog we would take a look at some of the things that my friends and family did over the holiday

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Evening Secret Blog – Fishing – My Accident

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To this day I can’t explain why I am still alive. I should be dead. My mother and I were visiting my grandmother and uncle, during my summer vacation. I was about 10 years old . They lived in a very rural area. The valley where they lived was quite narrow, running north to south. It might have taken 5 minutes to drive from one side to the other and both sides of this valley, were heavily forested. The western mountain side, very green and wet and the eastern side a bit drier.
A creek snaked its…

Fishing as Family Activity Many people love to go fishing, instead of playing tennis or golf. Others make it their primary sport activity together with their families and friends to relieve boredom and stress. Surveys say that more than 50 million Americans love to go fishing and make it their lifestyle option instead of other sports. In Alabama, fishing represents a substantial impact on the state economy. Hundreds of millions of dollars are represented and about 20,000 people list fishing as t…

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