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Evening Secret Blog – Polarized Sunglasses for Fly Fishing

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What kind if sunglasses are best for fly fishing? This is a question that I?ve been asked many times. First of all, they must be polarized. The polarization allows you see beneath the surface and deeper into the water to spot fish. You usually get what you pay for when it comes to quality polarized sunglasses. The degree of optical quality in the lenses is usually apparent in the price. The cheep polarized sunglasses will usually have very thin lenses that warp very easily. The thicker the lens…

Do you have any tips for catching grouper in Florida? Grouper are a relatively easy fish to catch if you know where to fish and have the proper equipment. The many different varieties of grouper can grow very large. Goliath Grouper, also called Jewfish, are commonly caught in excess of one hundred pounds […]

New Jersey Fish
What species of fish can you catch in the ocean in New Jersey? There are many different kinds of fish available in the saltwater areas of New Jersey. I will outline some of the more highly sought after species of fish. Bluefish are right at the top of many anglers list of […]

When can I get the best news on bass fishing in my area? I want to know when they are biting and when they are not.
Where can I get the best news on bass fishing in my area? I want to know when they are biting and when they aren’t… The best time to get the report and news on bass fishing in any area is every day. I am not sure what area you are […]

Favorite Fish
If you were going ocean fishing in Florida, what would you target? Well the answer to that question depends on the time of year and location within the state of Florida I am currently at. There is so much to choose from in the state of Florida it makes the decision very difficult. […]

Florida fishing spots
Where are the best places to go sea fishing in Florida? Baits & lures? The absolute beat place to go fishing in Florida is without a doubt the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys is basically a one hundred mile long narrow strip of land right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf […]

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Evening Secret Blog – Taking Beautiful Fishing Pictures

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My husband and I live on a fishing lake in the state of Minnesota. The next state record muskie and small mouth bass are expected to be caught here. Before we moved to our house on the lake my husband and I were used to making a few fishing trips every year. We are both keen on fishing and have taken many fishing pictures. Since moving to the lake, our photo collection has been constantly growing as we are adding pictures to it monthly.
When living on a lake you should expect more company and ov…

Wis. legislative committee meets to discuss budget – WAOW
MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Democrats refused to allow Republicans to propose any changes to the state budget during a the hastily called first meeting of a bipartisan committee created to work out a deal. Republicans accused Democrats of negotiating the

Bash Street Kids creator Leo Baxendale reveals Beano’s secret: keepie – Times Online
I was seven when the Beano began in 1938 but I didn’t buy it or its sibling, the Dandy. I read the D.C. Thomson story papers Wizard and Hotspur, which were aimed at 14-year-olds, and the AP boys’ paper Champion. The writing was rigorous and the

Police search for Victoria’s Secret – Public Opinion
CHAMBERSBURG, Tuesday, June 23 — Nearly 60 undergarments were taken Friday evening from Victoria’s Secret at Chambersburg Mall in Greene Township. The 58 or so articles are worth more than $2,000, according to Pennsylvania State Police, Chambersburg

Secret Service official head of Pittsburgh G-20 – Evening Sun
PITTSBURGH—The Secret Service will design, coordinate and implement a security plan for the Group of 20 summit in Pittsburgh. Thousands of demonstrators and media will accompany 19 heads of state when they descend on Pittsburgh on Sept. 24 and Sept

CineVegas Under the Stars presents – Las Vegas Sun
CineVegas Under the Stars will present The Secret Garden in the outdoor amphitheatre at the Spring’s Preserve. The screening begins at 8:00 pm, with doors to this evening to open at 5:00 pm to allow ample time to enjoy the venue’s museums, galleries

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Evening Secret Blog – Live Fishing Bait

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Many of Americas anglers choose to use live fishing bait. Not only do they choose to use live fishing bait, but they choose to use one particular bait more than all the others. This variety of live bait is called the worm. There are different species of worms, but the point is that when it comes to live fishing bait many anglers automatically think of the worm. And rightly so, seeing as how fish of all kinds like to eat worms and therefore bite worms. As a matter of fact, you would be hard …

How to find the Cheapest Gas Prices
Fishing and boating gets more expensive every time you go out thanks to high gas prices. I found some tools that will help put some money back in your wallet.

BulletBobbers Catch Fish When Nothing Else Does
BulletBobbers are small planer boards that slide on your line and flip direction and/or color when given a tug. They reduce the amount of casts between catches which gives your lure more time in the water–one important key to catching more fish.

Mangler Lure has Instant Spin Blade Design
I have never seen a spinnerbait like this. Its inline design is sleek and eye catching, but thats not what immediately grasps your attention.

Win the Ultimate Coleman Camping Picnic Pak
Enter and you can enjoy an Ultimate Coleman Camping Picnic Pak and a KOA Prize Package.

Any Tips For Catching Catfish At Sawyer Point, Cincinnati?
Any tips for catching catfish on sawyer point, Cincinnati – on the pier? Sure! When it comes to catching catfish on Sawyer Point in Cincinnati, on the pier, just concentrate your efforts by fishing near the structure. Fish deep when it is very cold or very warm. Fish shallow from dusk to dawn, and […]

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Evening Secret Blog – Fishing North Dakota Lakes and Rivers

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North Dakota Fishing. That’s right, fishing in North Dakota is as good as it gets. Whether you are fishing on one of the many lakes in the state or maybe one of the fine river systems, there are many species of fish to go after, and it’s all here for the taking.The prime target of fisherman and ladies is the Walleye. Our waterways produce many Walleye for the taking. Devil’s Lake, North Dakota is probably the premier walleye fishery in this country. Devil’s Lake is the largest natural body…

Catching A Catfish With A Fishing Tackle – Video
Watch Video about catfish,shark,fish by

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Evening Secret Blog – All About Fishing Lures

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The basics of fishing lures:Bucktails are also called ‘jigs.? These weighted lures are molded onto hooks, and rigged either with a plastic skirt, a hair tail, or a work.Buzzbait looks like a safety pin. This lure for surface fishing has a propeller blade on one wire, and a hook hidden inside a skirt with a weighted body on the other.Crankbait is a fish-like lure or plug, that?s designed to float just under the surface of the water. They?re often made of long-lasting plastic or wood, and some are…

Outdoors report – Daily News
IRON MOUNTAIN – It was another good week of fishing for local anglers, especially those seeking panfish. “The fishing has been pretty good,”said John Grier at Whispering Pines Outpost in Breitung Township. “I’m getting good reports on panfish and a

DNR: Warm weather means better fishing conditions – Holland Sentinel
Some rivers in Lower Michigan are running high and fast, and catch rates will improve once the waters clear up, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources said Wednesday in its weekly fishing report. Warmer weather has improved fishing conditions

Department of Natural Resources fishing report – Detroit Free Press
Some rivers in Lower Michigan are running high and fast, and catch rates will improve after the waters clear. Warmer weather has improved fishing, so more anglers are out. Small trout streams are fishable, but the medium-to-large warm-water streams

COLUMN — Use the right touch with your fishing bait – Holland Sentinel
Soft plastic baits such as a worm, grub or a swim bait have long proven themselves as effective on bass and walleye. In addition, they are a favorite of many crappie anglers. Following the advice from seasoned anglers that I spoke with should improve

Walleye biting on Canyon Ferry – Independent Record
While snowmelt runoff continues to cascade down from the high country and muddy the rivers, reservoir fishing has been very good across Montana. A good walleye bite is developing on Canyon Ferry Reservoir just in time for this weekend’s Canyon

High water leads to fine fishing – Dickinson Press & Advertiser
High water is leading to some fine fishing in the Dakotas this spring. Lake Oahe in North Dakota and South Dakota is at its highest level in years, and anglers say the walleye fishing is the best it’s been for a long while. Scott Gangl with the North

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Evening Secret Blog – The Best Striped Bass Fishing In Maine

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There are few fish that Maine is renowned for, though undoubtedly one of the best candidates is the striped bass, a beautiful, strong fish that is becoming more common throughout Maine?s waterways both on and off shore. Easily distinguished by a set of continuous dark stripes, the striped bass is one of Maine?s premier game fish. Striped bass, or stripers as they are often known, are well known for their speed, agility and fighting ability that has caused many an angler problems. Due to this, st…

Things to Know About Fishing Charter Recreation is an essential factor in the life of every human being. The anglers or the fishermen represent the largest single group of recreational seekers, and have a decided advantage over the other groups who utilize nature’s creatures and elements for recreation or food. The popularity of fishing in many areas has been largely based upon the angling pressure, which is far beyond the normal capacity of the streams and lakes. There are species of fish for…

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Evening Secret Blog – Fishing Forum: The Fishing Connection That Enlightens Pros And The Novice

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Why do fishermen catch fish and I come home empty handed? What do the fishing guides do to help insure success for a paying client? Fishing a new location while on vacation can be very difficult. Locations, baits, and gear are number one questions. Time of year affects fishing success. These questions are but a few answered at the fisherman?s second most favorite fishing destination?

Capt. Fisherall has made his weekly announcements on the fishing forum with little to no complaints. His reports…

Judge Moon’s Poem Is Now Part Of “Northwestern” Sea Vessel – Chattanoogan
The Discovery Channel’s popular television series, the “Deadliest Catch,” featuring legendary sea captains and crews opilio crab fishing the treacherous Bering Sea from Dutch Harbor, Alaska now includes a Hamilton County judge on board at least in

Shark Soup, Over-Fishing Threaten Third of Big-Biting Predators – Bloomberg
June 25 (Bloomberg) — Great whites, hammerheads and a third of deep-sea sharks and rays face extinction as the world’s fishing fleets haul them in for their meat and fins. Twenty species of sharks and rays are threatened, four more than a year ago

Use caution when following a pointing dog – Union-News & Sunday Republican
My English setters over the years have jacked up on numerous points on ring neck pheasant, ruffed grouse or woodcock, but Chumley’s point last week is up there with one setter of years back, my late setter Cyrano. Of course there was the difference

Controversial New Device Could Save Sea Turtles –
In an effort to protect rare sea turtles from being caught and killed in fishing nets, fishery managers have looked to a Cape Cod company to build a device they think can help save the turtles without interfering with fishing profits. The device is

FISHING Adam Wennick reels in 158-pound tuna – Public Opinion
On his first deep-sea fishing expedition, Adam Wennick got sick as the boat traveled about 55 miles from shore to the fishing grounds. On the way back, Wennick was too excited to feel sick. After all, he had just reeled in a 158-pound bluefin tuna

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Evening Secret Blog – Sport Fishing in Nassau Bahamas

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For deep sea fishing enthusiasts, Nassau offers one of the best fishing holidays in the world. There are so many species of fish known around the beautiful island. This is deep sea fishing at it’s best. Species likely to be caught on a deep sea fishing trip would include Shark, Barracuda, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Mackerel, Yellow Fin Tuna and many other dwellers in the unknown deep.Yellow Fin Tuna start arriving off the North and West sides of Nassau during late February, early March and th…

Ask Catfish Fishing Directory” from the Ask Catfish Fishing Blog!
Dan Eggertsen Answers A Variety Of Questions About Catfish Fishing!

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Evening Secret Blog – Carp Fishing Bait Secrets – The Drugging Power Of Plant Extracts

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When you think of fishing baits often meats and proteins come to mind. Worms and liver for example have their place, but what can you think of that can actually multiply the performance and catch rates of these baits? Why not turn your bait into a ?drug!? Some of the most important health providing and ?recreational? drugs originally have plant origins although these days, many are ?cloned? or copied using synthetic chemicals. Even the most basic of whole plant product baits like sweetcorn, maiz…

Northwest Arkansas Fishing Report – Morning News
Beaver Lake: The early bird may get the worm, but early-rising anglers might catch stripers, white bass and black bass at Beaver Lake. Chris Johnson at Hook, Line and Sinker in Rogers said all three species are hitting top-water lures from first

The East Texas Fishing Report – Athens Daily Review
ATHENS — Lake Athens is at normal level and clear. Water temp is in the upper 80s. Jerry Hanson at Lake Athens Marina said bass fishermen are picking up good numbers of slot fish to six pounds using Rat-L-Traps, crankbaits and Texas rig worms

John Berry’s Fly-Fishing for Trout: Fishing with a strike indicator is – Baxter Bulletin
Generally, I get the inspiration for my columns from my most recent fishing trip. This one is a bit different in that I got the idea for this column at the barber shop. I was getting a little shaggy and my wife Lori suggested it was time to get a

This week’s fishing report – News-Star
BLACK BAYOU – Crappie and chinquapins are being caught around the pads. Crappie are hitting jigs; chinquapins are hitting cold worms. Bass are fair on floating worms and topwater lures. CANEY LAKE – The chinquapins are biting out on the humps

Jim Morris’ Fishing Report – Dayton Daily News
Caesar Creek Lake : The best time to catch bass has been at first light when the haze is still hanging over the water. Use a crankbait and fish around stumps for best results. Saugeyes, crappies and bluegills have been caught on minnows around

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Evening Secret Blog – Tips And Tricks For Phenomenal Winter Fly Fishing

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Fly fishers come out in the spring, casting their fishing flies out over water in the early morning sun. Often the streams are crowded not just with other anglers but with swimmers and tubers who scare away the fish. Finding that dream spot on a stream can be difficult but rewarding, and the dedicated fishers continue to cast their lines through the summer and fall. And when winter comes, that is the time to put away the fishing flies and wait for spring to return. Or is it?
The fish aren’t hib…

California Catfish Fishing For Channel, Flathead, Blue & White Catfish
All about fishing for catfish in California – Learn the tips, tricks, times and places for catching channel catfish, flathead catfish, blue catfish and white catfish throughout the

Oklahoma – Catfish – Fishing
Tips & Tactics for landing catfish from Oklahoma Game & Fish magazine

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