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Let?s face it. You suck in salmon fishing. It annoys you how those salmons tend to shy your meticulously tied flies while they gobble those other lines like flies on a meat pie, or salmons on a fly. Maybe it?s your luck setting in. But maybe it is because of your salmon fishing techniques, which may need considerable refinement.Tempting the salmon to bite is overly tricky. Sometimes they bite hard and sometimes they never bite at all. Many experts have attributed the non-bite activity to its mig…

What is good bait for catching fish, crappie in particular?
good bait to catch fish Crappies are one of the easiest fish to bait. You can use night crawlers, minnows, insects and corn. I do not think it is so much the bait that is important, as it is the technique and time of year you fish crappies. Whenever you fish, you should know […]

Spring Crappie
What tips do you have for crappie fishing this spring? Crappie fishing in spring is definitely a worthwhile activity for the avid angler. The Crappie is certainly a species that is much easier to catch when it is in its spring pre spawn, spawning and post spawn phases than it is at other times […]

At what temperature do crappie spawn?
At what temperature do crappie spawn? Crappies will spawn when water temperatures reach between fifty-eight and sixty-six degrees F. However, when the temperatures start reaching between forty-seven and fifty-four degrees F, the crappies will start moving closer to the spawning areas where they will make the nests. If the water temperatures warm to the […]

Jig Color
What is the best color for the crappie jig When fishing for both White Crappie and Black Crappie the color of the jig you use is very important. If you look at these species you will immediately notice the size of their eyes. They have much larger eyes than similar size fish of […]

Different Species
Are Crappie, Brim, and Sunfish the same type of fish? I have always thought they were basically the same type of fish. A friend told me they were different fish. They are all similar fish but they are certainly different species, each with its own differences that make a change in the approach an […]


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