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Evening Secret Blog – Fluorocarbon Leader Material and the Fly Fishing Knots to Make It Work

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I believe when you are fly fishing the clear cold waters here in the West, it pays big dividends to use fluorocarbon leader material. Its advantages: Virtually invisible underwater, it sinks quickly and it doesn?t reflect light on the water surface, fish can?t see it and your catch rates go up over monofilament. Yes, it can be more expensive, but to improve a day?s fishing and change an average day into a great day, it?s worth it to me. I was first introduced to fluorocarbon in the mid 90?s when…

HONEYMOON/ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY Help – My husband and I got married last year on June 12, but we couldn’t afford a honeymoon right away. We both love fishing, but he especially loves walleye fishing. So, I want to surprise him with a fishing trip for our one year anniversary/honeymoon. Can you help me? We live […]

Three tips for freshwater minnows
Freshwater minnows are one of the most popular baits used by anglers all over the globe. So what makes this little baitfish such a popular choice among fishermen? It’s the fact that this particular baitfish is the favorite of most fish species. Even if it’s not the first choice for some species, it still makes […]

Which pike bait should you use, when and how
When it comes to fishing for pike, there are many important things to know. These fish, by nature, are not as easy to fish for as some other species that anglers enjoy fishing for. This is why certain techniques and tactics are going to be important. The type of bait you choose will be very […]

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August 20, 2011 at 5:00 pm

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