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The more you fish, the happier you are. So goes the saying. While few of us would dispute this notion, it often helps to keep a record of your fishing exploits to preserve your experiences.Far too often, we forget about the good times as the years pass by. I can?t tell you how often I have completely forgotten some good time or hilarious event until someone raises it at a party. Suddenly, I am awash in memories and laughing like a madman. Ah, but what about the times that people don?t mention an…

Three Great Saltwater Fishing Trips
Saltwater fishing is a great experience for all anglers from the very young to the elderly. If you live near the beach, you can fish most anytime you have the free time. Unfortunately, many anglers don’t live close enough to the beaches to go saltwater fishing without planning a vacation. With money tight for most […]

Four fishing tips to catch a record crappie
Crappie, papermouth, croppie, slabs or white perch- it doesn’t matter what you call them, everyone enjoys catching them. In fact, many people decide that crappie are the fish they want to seek out every chance they get and through that decision comes those seeking help in catching a record crappie. Before you head out to […]

Classifieds – Selling: Consumer to Consumer • Re: FS: Center Pin Fishing Reel and Rod Combo $200

Which online crappie store do buy your gear from?
Which online crappie store do buy your gear from? I don’t buy items from just one online store. I like to shop around for overall value and quality to help me make up my mind. I also evaluate the website to make sure they are legitimate and they have been in business for a while. […]

Candy Stripers
What bait will catch more striper? No question: In freshwater, shad. In saltwater, Mehaden (Bunker) and whole squid. Stripers are notoriously size-conscious as to what bait they will hit. Your offering needs to be close to the size of the shad they are currently feeding on. And they prefer their shad a bit larger than […]


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