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For the angler to be successful in fly fishing lakes and rivers, he must use common sense and a well-executed plan to out smart a very wary pray. Remember, the trout your after is always on guard for any kind of danger, so when you alarm him you also alarm other fish in his vicinity. A trout?s brain is small but it is has registered literally thousands of real aquatic insects in a natural and quite environment. Therefore, you must take every possible advantage that is available to you to presen…

Best places in the world for crappie fishing
Everyone loves casting their fishing line into the water and pulling out a crappie. They’re fun to catch and it doesn’t require any special gear or preparation to catch them. For this reason, anyone can fish this species so it offers great fun for the whole family. Crappies are the perfect species for new fishermen […]

Safe sites to watch catfishing videos
There are many wonderful online sites where you can watch catfishing videos. They can help you to visually see many elements that you just can’t get from reading text alone. They allow you to see how to put on a hook, how to tie knots, casting, and more. It really brings all of it to […]

3 crappie magazine reviews
Crappies are one of the most popular game fish sought out today by anglers of all skill levels and ages. They offer a lot of fun without any special or expensive equipment so they’re the perfect species for a beginner just learning how to fish including kids and the elderly. They’re small enough to handle […]

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October 23, 2011 at 11:00 am

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