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Bass Fishing Basics – Best Baits For Bass FishingSubmitted By: Mick Legg   

Bass fishing is a really popular sport that can be enjoyed by anyone with the knowledge of a few Bass fishing basics. All species of Bass are some of the most sought after fish, as they are great fun to catch, and offer some of the best…

Tualitan Crappie
I would like to know where i can catch a nice crappie in OR. I live in tualitan with my dad. we love to go fishing but i have yet to catch a crappie. please can you tell me the best place to go. Thank you so much for your help dan your a fishing […]

Grouper Gear
What gear do you think a newbie needs for grouper fishing? Most grouper fishing involves bottom fishing near or in heavy cover such as rocks. Groupers are a very large, heavy, aggressive fish, so you will need a heavy rods with lots of backbone. Saltwater boat rods are a food choice, because long rods are […]

Soup du lure….
Which striped bass lure do you use most often? I am a die-hard fly fisherman, so my most often used lure for striped bass is a Puglisi-Style Shad pattern, or the same pattern tied in bluegill colors. I tie my own flies. This has produced more striped bass for me than any other bait I […]

Catching Striped Bass Anywhere
Have any good striped bass fishing tips? Striped bass in freshwater are large, aggressive, fast moving and far ranging predators. They two goals in life, to eat all the shad they can find, and make little striped bass. In freshwater lakes and rivers, striped bass form large schools that can travel more than 20 miles […]

Five things to check in California ocean fishing reports
Ocean fishing is a great adventure that offers experienced anglers a fishing trip they are sure to be talking about for a very long time. The further you venture out into the ocean the more exciting it becomes and the thrill is unlike any other fishing experience. The fish found in the ocean are huge […]

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November 10, 2011 at 11:00 pm

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