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One of the most enjoyable fish to catch in the entire world is the Smallmouth Bass. Smallmouth Bass prefer clear cold water. These fish can be found in both lakes and running water. Pound for pound the smallmouth bass is widely considered the most enjoyable fish to catch. The smallmouth bass is a good natural indicator of healthy water. If you find Smallmouth Bass, you more than likely will find healthy water.Because of their hearty nature smallmouth bass can be found in waters from Maine …

Nebraska I-80 Lakes have the Best Bass Fishing in the State
Hello fellow anglers. Are you ready for spring Bass fishing? I sure am! In my opinion, the I-80 lakes offer the best, most consistent, public bass and bluegill fishing in Nebraska.

How to find the best crappie fishing clubs in your area
Joining a crappie club has many advantages for anyone who enjoys fishing for this species. You have the chance to be around others that love fishing for crappies as much as you do. It gives you the opportunity to share stories and talk about your fishing adventures with others who understand how it feels to […]

What are some black crappie predators?
What are some black crappie predators? There are several types of black crappie predators. When they are juveniles they will find that they are prey to just about anything. A very large percentage of them don’t live to be more than a few days old for this reason. Birds are also common predators of them […]

BulletBobbers Catch Fish When Nothing Else Does
BulletBobbers are small planer boards that slide on your line and flip direction and/or color when given a tug. They reduce the amount of casts between catches which gives your lure more time in the water–one important key to catching more fish.


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