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Evening Secret Blog – The Truth About Alaska Fishing

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Fishing in general is an exciting and enjoyable adventure. However, it becomes more exciting when you visit places like Alaska for fishing. Why? Because in Alaska you can view salmons swim along the coasts, and giant halibut living in waters. Needless to say, these things add to the beautiful scenery of Alaska.Alaska’s climate ranges from moist summers to cool winters. It is not uncommon to witness snowy winters, however the parts of Alaska surrounded by the ocean are generally warmer than other…

Are you a member of a catfish club?
At this time, I am not a member of a catfish club. However, there are some excellent ones out there with plenty to offer. If you enjoy fishing and want to learn more about it, then this can help you tremendously. It could be a way to connect with many others that share your same […]

What is a crappie derby?
A crappie derby can be a great deal of fun, and also a challenge. It can be something you do alone or a great family outing. Many of them have divisions for children as well as adults. It can be a time for bonding and for meeting new people. The best part is that they […]

You Can Catch Fish in the Wind
The wind can be an anglers friend or foe. It all depends solely on the angler’s perspective and his/her situation.

Five fishing techniques to try when using a cocahoe minnow
Fishing is a sport enjoyed by men, women and kids of all ages. It’s fun, exciting and relaxing all at the same time. It will fit into anyone’s budget because you spend as much or as little on your gear as you want. Cocahoe minnows are a baitfish that many anglers use to catch all […]

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July 8, 2012 at 10:00 pm

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