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If you’ve never tried a pontoon boat for fishing, you’re missing out. I realize that pontoon boats aren’t nearly as fast as most boats, and getting intro some area’s can be all but impossible, but the comfort that’s provided by a pontoon boat is hard to beat. These ease of movement that pontoon boats offer is a definite advantage top fishing. They’re also great for still fishing, such as what one does for catfish or carp.One thing that many people don’t realize is that there are small inflata…

BulletBobbers Catch Fish When Nothing Else Does
BulletBobbers are small planer boards that slide on your line and flip direction and/or color when given a tug. They reduce the amount of casts between catches which gives your lure more time in the water–one important key to catching more fish.

Five fishing techniques to try when using a cocahoe minnow
Fishing is a sport enjoyed by men, women and kids of all ages. It’s fun, exciting and relaxing all at the same time. It will fit into anyone’s budget because you spend as much or as little on your gear as you want. Cocahoe minnows are a baitfish that many anglers use to catch all […]

Arkansas bass fishing tournaments
There are some really spectacular bass fishing tournaments that take place in the state of Arkansas. If you live in this region then you should be finding out about them so you can attend. You may want to travel to this area so that you can participate in some of them as well. The internet […]


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