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Evening Secret Blog – Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing – Read Before You Go!

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Lake Ontario salmon fishing is a huge sport in itself and big business. Reeling in these monsters is also great fun for anyone to take part in.The Lake Ontario salmon fishing year starts out in spring and lasts into summer. Salmon are over deep water, 200′ to 500′, during these two seasons. Trolling 20′ to 100′ down is usually needed to catch these bait-fish-feeding wanderers of the deep. You’ll usually want to use a down-rigger set up, but if the fish are high in the water column, a Dipsy diver…

How to hook a crappie minnow
The minnow is one of the most popular baits used today and all types of anglers fish with them. This little baitfish attracts many fish species and the crappie is no exception. Crappies love minnows and will usually strike at them even when they’re being picky. A live minnow wiggling around in the water makes […]


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January 8, 2013 at 7:00 am

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