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Fishing is a very popular sport throughout the world and it can be rewarding and a brilliant experience to catch your supper whilst enjoying nature. Fishing with family or friends can be good fun too and a great bonding experience for sons and fathers. Challenges exist whether river fishing or sea fishing but it is important to be patient and learn from any mistakes you make. Nobody becomes a professional overnight and practice does make perfect.It is required by law in most states to obtain a f…

Originally published in Procats Online MagazineOriginally published in Procats Online Magazine Circle hooks have created a debate in the last few years between anglers who fish rivers and those who fish lakes. When using circle hooks in rivers, I havent had much trouble fishing in good current. Although they performed well in current, fishing calm water areas such as the big reservoirs I ply for giant blue cats, the hook design gave me a bit of a problem with the hook-up ratio in the slack …


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September 25, 2013 at 9:00 am

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