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In the past, fishing for Atlantic salmons was mostly for sustenance. Caught on river runs or on the open sea, these salmons are fished by hundreds. In fact, a number of fishing techniques have evolved to catch these Atlantic salmons as they return to their spawning grounds en masse. Icelandic nomads cut holes on frozen lakes to fish for salmons beneath a layer of ice. Polar bears have learned how to dive and fish for salmons, often displaying superb agility and finesse underwater. And several hu…

Bill Dance Outdoors: Crappie Fishing
Climb in the boat with world-famous fishermen Bill Dance, Darrell Lowrance, and Roger Gant for an extraordinary clinic on catching crappie. Dance, host of the popular television series Bill Dance Outdoors, and Lowrance, a pioneer in fishing technology

Early spring crappie fishing tips
As the water begins to warm early season spring crappie fishing begins to heat up. Follow these crappie fishing tips for catching specks in March and early April. Start out fishing with jigs. There is a general idea among crappier anglers that since early


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October 6, 2013 at 10:00 am

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