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Evening Secret Blog – How Do You Make Your Own Fishing Bait?

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There are many recipes that you can take full advantage of to help you to score the big fish. Why not make the bait at home on your own? Here are just a couple of the options that you have in fish bait recipes.
Salmon Eggs: How To Cure Them
There are several fish that this will work well for. If you are after largemouth bass, salmon, lake trout or muskellunge, you’ll love to use these because they will give you good results. Here’s a step by step to help you.
– When cleaning your salmon, keep th…

Three Tarpon Fishing Techniques
The tarpon is an amazing saltwater species that’s challenging and fun to catch. This huge fish will put your skills to the test so be ready for a real struggle when you get one hooked. They’re not going to be reeled in without fight. The average size tarpon weighs around 40 pounds but you can […]

Where you can find amazon catfish
The Amazon River is the second largest in the world surpassed only by the Nile River. It’s 4,000 miles long and runs from the Andes to the Atlantic with many different creeks, lagoons and smaller rivers extending out from the main river all along the way. The Amazon rainforest provides about twenty percent of the […]

Are you a member of a catfish club?
At this time, I am not a member of a catfish club. However, there are some excellent ones out there with plenty to offer. If you enjoy fishing and want to learn more about it, then this can help you tremendously. It could be a way to connect with many others that share your same […]

How to hook a catfish?
How to hook a catfish? I recommend that you use a very good qualty hook that is durable. When you place your bait on there, do so through the top and the back. I would use the hooks that have two prongs on them so that you can get the catfish in more than one […]

What are your favorite catfishing websites?”,”
What are your favorite catfishing websites? There are some terrific catfishing websites out there that you may want to check out. They include: For beginners this one is a great tutorial that covers all the basics. While the material is aimed at the bodies of water in Ohio, the practical nature of the information can […]


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