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Streamers are that class of flies that are meant to imitate other fish, or leeches or crustaceans, anything that is not of insect variety. They are used to catch everything; trout, bass, steelhead, salmon, stripers, you name it, they have caught it. We are fond of saying ‘big fish, eat little fish’, and this is a truth that fly fishers cannot deny.
But when talking streamers there is another truth almost as important, ‘big fish are territorial.’ It is unclear how many strikes are based on the d…

Steve Farmer “Evening Secret” Fishing Champion!
The Steve Farmer “Evening Secret” Fishing Contest Champion Page! Congratulations Steve Farmer, You Have Won $200 In The

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Source: Secret Evening: Music
1. Ithaki (Ithaca) 2. Argonaftes (Argonauts) 3. Vyzantine Mou Agie (My Byzantine Saint) 4. Mystikos Esperinos (Secret Evening) 5. Mikro Kai Zilefto Mou (My Little and


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