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Fishing may be just about Alaska?s most popular outdoor sport, offering world class king salmon and silver salmon fishing for anglers of any age. The best way to fish Alaska?s waters successfully, if you?re coming form out of state, is to hire a fishing guide. Coast guard licensed guides can provide all the tackle, gear, and expertise you need to enjoy your fishing trip.But how will you choose a guide? Before you ask any questions, you?ll want to find some answers out for yourself. The most impo…

Four bass fishing tips for beginners
Bass fishing combines relaxation with excitement to create a sport that has a little bit of everything. Catching bass is an exciting experience that keeps you alert and on your toes. Most all lakes and rivers are accompanied by beautiful scenery that creates a relaxing environment where you can kick back and let the worries […]

You Can Catch Fish in the Wind
The wind can be an anglers friend or foe. It all depends solely on the angler’s perspective and his/her situation.

Getting the Jump on Stripers
What tips on catching striped bass can you share with me today? Striped bass in freshwater are large, aggressive, fast moving and far ranging predators. They two goals in life, to eat all the shad they can find, and make little striped bass. In freshwater lakes and rivers, striped bass form large schools that can […]


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November 19, 2013 at 2:00 am

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