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Many years ago my friend and I hiked into a remote island in Canada, while carrying a fairly heavy fiberglass canoe. It was a three or four mile hike, and took us quite a long time while lugging along the canoe. You see the lake wasn’t accessible by any other means, unless you had access to a helicopter with pontoon skids. If you wanted to get to this lake you had to hike in. And if you wanted to fish it you needed to be in the water because of the overgrown brush all around the lake. Hence…

Crappie Fishing – All About Fishing For Black Crappie & White
All about fishing for crappie, both black crappie and white crappie – Learn the tips, tricks, times and places to fish for catching crappie as well as how to select

Slater Jigs Inc – Crappie Jigs – World Champion Crappie
Crappie Jigs, Slater’s Crappie Fishing Jigs 7 time Crappie Fishing Champion, Crappie Fishing Poles, Crappie Jigs, Crappie Reels

Crappie Fishing – Location/Presentation/Behavior Pt1 – YouTube
How to find Crappie with a formula for success. Location Presentation Behavior Part 1


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