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Evening Secret Blog – Fall Bass Fishing – Learn How You Can Land That Prized Catch

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When it comes to landing that prized Bass, perhaps the best time of the year would have to be fall Bass fishing. While most people love to fish in the summer usually on their vacation, spring and fall bass fishing tend to yield the best results. During the early spring is a great time to fish for bass, as this is generally known as the pre-spawn period. The best time to fish for bass however, is in the fall as they all tend to group together in what is known as the staging areas. Fall fishing al…

Learn To Fish: It’s Fun! Fishing is a fun and tranquil sport that lets you spend quiet time with your friends, family and with Mother Nature. Fresh water fishing is a sport involving the catching of fish in lakes, rivers and streams. It involves a lot of patience, challenge and a lot of acquired skill over time. Anyone can participate in this fun activity, including the kids. To start, you have to check your State’s fishing requirements and make sure if a license is needed for you to fish. If it…


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November 25, 2013 at 8:00 pm

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