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Evening Secret Blog – Deep Sea Fishing For Redfish In Maine

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The redfish, also known in some parts as red drum, became important commercially in the mid-twentieth century, particularly off the Atlantic coast of Canada and Maine, where the species is found in relative abundance. The quality of their meat and their magnificent appearance also makes the redfish particularly appealing to anglers, and whilst they are not known for putting up much of a fight, continue to be a particular favorite amongst deep sea fishermen.As the name suggests, the redfish is be…

Alaska fishing tours are the best money that you can spend on your fishing trip to the north. You have heard that they have a fish here, called the King Salmon. You have heard that it is often caught at a weight of 50 pounds or more. You are ready to spend a weekend or longer on those waters, searching for your fish. But, because you are a newcomer to the region, chances are that you’ll need to find a little help with luring them in. A tour can be the best way to do just that. Why Take A Tour? …


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November 29, 2013 at 12:00 pm

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