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Evening Secret Blog – Get Set With Your Lures And Fishing Bait With Some Exciting Trout Fishing In Argentina!

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If you have experienced some of the exciting fly fishing and trout fishing expeditions in various common fishing sites in the US, its time that you explore some destinations in Argentina/Chile region. By trout fishing in Argentina, an angler will visit a land captured by the snow capped Andes Mountains and also get a rare chance to travel through the history of people shaped by the beauty of the surrounding land. In this enchanted land of tall mountains and lush forests, wild Atlantic salmon and…

Bill Dance Outdoors: Bass Fishing Strategies
to using buzzbait to stir largemouth bass into frenzy, to the art of presentation, detailing Dance’s secrets to successful bass fishing, hook,line and sinker. ~ Sally Barber, Rovi

Jersey Shore fishing: Lots of short bass to the north
Capt. Rob Semkowyc has had barely enough anglers to sail his Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands this week because keeper stripers have been scarce. Yet, the sportfishing has been great. Catches today ranged from 30 releases up to 59 before the bite died at

Bass Fishing And Other Addictions In Hastings
England’s very own Macondo,complete with junkies and rail replacement service. My friend Jonah has moved to Hasting, I join him Bass fishing Sea fishing in Hastings is looked down on by fly fisherman, as being ‘chuck and luck’ a second class kind of

School of fish: College bass fishing may be gathering momentum
College bass fishing has become such a big deal that some students select a school based on the success of its fishing team. According to Jody White, Texas is the epicenter of college bass fishing. White, a former angler at Virginia Tech, works

Bass Fishing With A Bad Back.
After that accident my right leg would just collapse out from under me for no apparent reason and the doctors could never find side like most seats when the boat gets to rocking. I have pain most every day but have learned to just bare it with only


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