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Fly fishing is a great sport enjoyed by fisherman all over the world. This method of fishing requires artificial flies, and a rod that is very flexible. The sport of fly fishing has been around since at least 200 A.D. The first knowledge of the sport is found in books written during that time period. Today the sport remains very popular. Most people fly fish for trout, salmon, and bass.Fly fishing differs from regular fishing because you don?t use a heavy lure and a light line. Instead, using a …

Crappie stockings add to great fall fishing
FRANKFORT — The incredible weather so far this fall has many in Kentucky thinking about football, deer hunting, Keeneland and crappie fishing. Yes, crappie fishing. This may be the most consistent time of year to catch a species most associate with the

Don’t quit crappie fishing yet
Once upon a time, crappie fishermen never went to the lake until the redbuds bloomed, usually around April 1. They fished hard for four weeks and filled their freezers, and then crappie rods and lures were packed away until the next year. And then one day

Fishing Report
No report on bass. Call the Honey Hole at 323.8707 for more information. LAKE CLAIBORNE — A mixed bag of crappie and barfish are being caught in deep water out from the dam and in other deeper channels on shiners or jigs. Bass fishing has been

Mike Bleech: The best crappie fishing of the year
This is sort of what’s happening now at area crappie hot spots. Crappie are aggressive for long periods. As with other game fish, the average size caught by anglers tends to be longer than at any other time. And with the exception of a few places

Early spring crappie fishing tips
As the water begins to warm early season spring crappie fishing begins to heat up. Follow these crappie fishing tips for catching specks in March and early April. Start out fishing with jigs. There is a general idea among crappier anglers that since early

Top 10 Crappie Lures
To optimize crappie catching, it’s important to use the most appropriate lures available. Hungry crappies are lured by a variety of natural baits. Topping the list are inch-long minnows that most anglers hook through back behind its top fin


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