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Evening Secret Blog – Deep Sea Fishing For Pollock In Maine

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Pollock are considered to be the most active member of the cod family, and are found readily in seas off the coast of Maine. Though not renowned as being a particularly big fish, pollock are still considered to be one of the best off-shore catches around due to their strength, speed and agility. Once hooked, pollock tend to make fast, powerful runs, which are a real challenge on lighter tackle and one which is relished by anglers up and down the coast of Maine.Pollock can be identified by a ligh…

‘Catfishing’ Skype Suicide After UK Teen Daniel Perry Blackmailed, Tricked
A catfishing-related Skype suicide is suspected in the UK, where 17-year-old Daniel Perry is believed to have taken his own life following a cruel online hoax. The Skype suicide of Perry is thought to have resulted after the teen was blackmailed, in what

Catfishing scam is nothing new, but now is in the national spotlight
Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick speaks to reporters earlier this month during a news conference regarding a hoax involving linebacker Manti Te’o. ASSOCIATED PRESS Enlarge Jack Swarbrick had no better explanation for the curious case that had

Curtis Granderson can be the NY Mets’ Catfish Hunter — the start of a better phase
We’ll call it Catfishing, and we’re not talking about Manti Te’o. We’re talking about Catfish Hunter, and his descendants Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran, and now, Curtis Granderson. We’re talking about signings that restore a measure of

Catfishing: Are you falling for it?
The news is filled with stories about people, famous and otherwise, getting caught in online dating scams. The phenomenon is so common that it now has a name: Catfishing. The term catfishing comes from the 2010 movie Catfish about a man who was

Catfishing: New Label for Old Scam
In the news lately, there has been a lot of talk about fake online profiles in light of a Notre Dame football star, Manti Te’o falling victim to a fake profile hoax. According to Te’o, he fell in love online but his girlfriend’s profile was

‘Catfishing’ Gets Its First Legal Mention
the court defined catfishing as ‘[t]he phenomenon of internet predators It’s worth noting that when Schulman coined the term “catfish,” he didn’t necessarily mean it derogatorily. It was a reference to the fact that the scaly


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