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Have you ever been on the water when the fish just ain’t biting? I know I have. Or at least these are the excuses I like to make.
“Ah, the fish just ain’t bitin’ today.”
“The water’s too muddy, or too clear, or too cold, or… — well, you get the point.
One thing I have learned is that “The fish ain’t biting scenario” may be a good excuse, but, it is just NOT TRUE!
That’s right!….. Somewhere in the body of water you are fishing there is some fish
that is willing to bite some lure or bai…

Crappie Fishing – Iowa DNR
Fishing for Crappie By Jim Wahl, Fisheries Biologist, Iowa DNR. Crappies are one of our most frequently caught panfish and they are exceedingly popular with Iowa anglers.

Crappie Fishing – All About Fishing For Black Crappie & White
All about fishing for crappie, both black crappie and white crappie – Learn the tips, tricks, times and places to fish for catching crappie as well as how to select
Source: | Dedicated to Crappie!
There will be a crappie fishing i tournament in honor of Mr. Charlie Kent. Any donations will go to his favorite charity, St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


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