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The world is getting faster paced every day. With the tremendous amount of technology available today, we can do many more things much faster than we have ever been able to do them before. However even though things can be done faster, we also have much more expected from us at home, at work, and in society in general. The biggest problem with this increased responsibility is the increased amount of stress that comes along with it. The best way to get away from stress is to try to take a bre…

How to hook a catfish?
How to hook a catfish? I recommend that you use a very good qualty hook that is durable. When you place your bait on there, do so through the top and the back. I would use the hooks that have two prongs on them so that you can get the catfish in more than one […]

How to become a better bass angler
If you want to become a better bass angler, you just need to have some basic information. Like anything else, the more you do it the better you will become. Trying new techniques and learning from others will help you out. If you spend all your time out there doing the same thing again and […]

How to Nail Striped Bass Anywhere
Can you teach me how to catch striped bass? Striped bass in freshwater are large, aggressive, fast moving and far ranging predators. They two goals in life, to eat all the shad they can find, and make little striped bass. In freshwater lakes and rivers, striped bass form large schools that can travel more than […]


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December 31, 2013 at 9:00 pm

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