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Though not as well known as more conventional fishing techniques, surf fishing has quickly created a dedicated following amongst anglers. The appeal of surf fishing lies in the ability to land big fish without needing access to a boat. Not only does this make surf fishing relatively inexpensive, but it also makes it highly accessible to all. Many anglers prefer to surf fish from flatter beach areas, though equally good results can be had from rocky ledges and coves up and down the coast of Maine…

Looking for realistic outlined white detailed truck decal of a walleye
Looking for realistic outlined white detailed truck decal of a walleye Hi, That definitely sounds like something very cool to personalize your vehicle with. While I don’t off hand know where to get one, I am sure you can find what you are looking for online. There may be such retailers that offer just what […]

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Catching Catfish with Setlines in the Spring
An easy way to catch catfish in the spring is on a setline and every year about this time I start to get the itch. I don’t know exactly what causes it. No I don’t mean a physical itch. It’s something that triggers a sensation inside my inner most being.

Nebraska I-80 Lakes have the Best Bass Fishing in the State
Hello fellow anglers. Are you ready for spring Bass fishing? I sure am! In my opinion, the I-80 lakes offer the best, most consistent, public bass and bluegill fishing in Nebraska.

Fly fishing for walleye – three fishing secrets
The walleye is a popular game fish sought out by all types of anglers and fly fishing is becoming a very popular method used when fishing for them. They make a worthy adversary that gets lots of attention because they are so hard to catch. They can see very well, even in the dark and […]


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