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Even though fly-fishing is a natural act?you could, if you wanted to, fly fish with just your arm and a line, but you tire quickly?it helps to have a little gear to make your experience a bit more rewarding. In fly fishing, the rod is simply an extension of your arm. Fly fishing requires a different rod for each different purpose. You?ll choose a 3-weight rod to cast a 3-weight line, and so forth; the bigger the number, the heavier the line that rod will cast.A large part of your success in play…

Catfishing: New Label for Old Scam
In the news lately, there has been a lot of talk about fake online profiles in light of a Notre Dame football star, Manti Te’o falling victim to a fake profile hoax. According to Te’o, he fell in love online but his girlfriend’s profile was

Catfishing scam is nothing new, but now is in the national spotlight
Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick speaks to reporters earlier this month during a news conference regarding a hoax involving linebacker Manti Te’o. ASSOCIATED PRESS Enlarge Jack Swarbrick had no better explanation for the curious case that had

Catfishing ‘Rampant,’ But Online Dating Is Here To Stay
While online dating has finally moved from “last resort for the socially awkward” to “how I met your mother,” “catfishing” (a colloquialism for misrepresenting oneself significantly to a potential partner) is also an unfortunate side effect


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