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The striped bassfish can be very elusive at times for any number of reasons. But having said that, catching this predator is not that difficult if you are prepared.
And striped bass fishing is no different then anything else, there is no free lunch ? you?ll need to practice and be prepared to bring home a boatload of the Striper.Prepare & PracticeBefore you attempt to practice you should make sure your spool contains enough line. The line should fill up to the bottom of the chamber on the top e…

Green Onion group cements bonds on annual walleye trip to Lake Erie
The Green Onion group doesn’t like to mess with a proven formula for fun and fishing success. “The quality and quantity of walleyes keep drawing us back to Lake Erie,” said Omahan Roger Strickler, the official planner for the 12-member

Walleye fishing on Hardy Pond proves challenging
The three of us where hoping of the catch would be spread out. Hardy Pond can be a challenge to fish. It is a manmade impoundment upstream from Hardy Dam on the Muskegon River — more than a 20-mile long body of still water with meandering

The Best Walleye Fishing Jigs
Walleyes are characterized by their large eyes that reflect light and olive gold color. The mouth of a walleye holds sharp teeth, making them an aggressive predator. As a result, anglers enjoy fishing for walleyes to encounter the intense battles.


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