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Evening Secret Blog – Early Spring Bass Fishing

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With the warmer temperatures that will soon blanket the northern states brings forth some excellent early spring bass fishing opportunities. Often in the early spring you can load your boat with bass if you know where to find the fish and what lures to fish once you locate them. There are several techniques that you can employ to catch these lethargic fish in the early spring months just after the ice disappears from your favorite lake.One of the first things you must do is locate fish in the …

Texas crappie record – what is it? how was it caught?
One of the most sought out game fish in Texas is the crappie. This small fish gets lots of attention because it’s fun and entertaining to catch them. Since they only average around one or two pounds, you don’t need any special gear to fish for this species and this makes them perfect for the […]

3 Iowa walleye fishing tactics that anybody can use
The walleye is a popular fish species in Iowa and many anglers seek them out. They are an elusive fish that’s hard to catch and that makes seeking them out exciting and interesting. When you do get one hooked, it will fight hard to get away and many times, they will work themselves loose. Walleyes […]


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January 18, 2014 at 4:00 pm

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