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Evening Secret Blog – If I Practice Catch And Release Fishing – Why Do I Need A Fishing License?

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This is a question that has always perplexed me. I’m a catch and release fisherman. I don’t keep any of the fish that I catch. I catch them, admire them, make sure they’re okay, and release them back into the water that they came from. No harm, no foul. So why in the hell do I have to purchase a fishing license? Have you ever thought about the folly of this situation? I obviously have.I could understand having to buy a fishing license if I kept the fish. You need to pay for the conservat…

Fly Fishing is such a traditional sport many refer to as an art form, and compared to other modes of fishing, incorporates so much to learn in terms of casting technique, and more particularly the study of the trout’s diet, and their imitations, that it can distract anglers from focussing sufficiently on their quarry’s habits and behaviour. If you want to catch more Trout, and particularly larger Trout, you need to know more about the Trout than you do about casting and their diet. The deeper I …


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February 8, 2014 at 4:00 pm

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