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It can be quite frustrating when an angler makes a perfect cast and fails to hook a fish, or when the bait angler feels the nibbling strike and upon raising his rod tip, feels it go slack. And when a fish is played for a period of time, then suddenly the line slacks, the ultimate in frustration is reached.Dry fly fishing requires the most practiced timing to master hooking a fish. Small trout are normally rapid risers, while lunker fish will rise like an Atlantic Salmon, slow and easy, sucking t…

Phosphate Lake Bass Fishing
Phosphate pits are unique in Florida for their underwater terrain. Unlike our natural lakes, which are mostly shallow bowls, the dug pits contain humps, deep holes and even hilltops projecting above the submerged landscape. The broad

Early-Season Bass Fishing Lessons
In the wake of last weekend’s Bassmaster Classic, a couple of angling axioms merit attention. First, muddy water doesn’t necessarily flush the whole party. We’ve all heard about the big storm that blew across Lake Guntersville and turned a lot of the


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March 1, 2014 at 1:00 pm

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