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Fly fishing is something that is rapidly gaining in popularity, and can be a lot of fun. You don’t have to be an experienced master fisherman to be good at fly fishing, and you may be surprised to find out that it is has very little in common with traditional fishing at all, even using different equipment and bait. Even your basic technique will be different in fly fishing, so you may want to do your homework, before you set off on that first fly fishing expedition. One of the first areas you wi…

Miami Deep Sea Fishing Charter THERAPY-IV Reaches 400 Reviews on TripAdvisor
Miami Beach, FL — (SBWIRE) — 02/25/2014 — The THERAPY-IV, a Miami Beach Deep Sea Fishing charter, has attained 400 reviews on TripAdvisor, a major travel website, where it still maintains its long-held ranking as the #1 activity in Miami Beach.

Deep Sea Diving Suit to Be Used for Fishing
Saved under Jerry Nelson, New York, New York City, U.S. Tags: deep sea Deep sea diving has been Scientists will use the suit, known as the Exosuit, to go up to 1,000 feet deep into the ocean with the goal of collecting bioluminescent fish.

Virtual Deep Sea Fishing
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Man likes to fish. Man goes to store and is suckered in by a cheap, yet pretty looking fishing simulation. Man heads for home and finds out he’s purchased a piece of chum that’s got about as much in

Deep-sea fish in deep trouble
A team of leading marine scientists from around the world is recommending an end to most commercial fishing in the deep sea, the Earth’s largest ecosystem. Instead, they recommend fishing in more productive waters nearer to consumers. Life is mostly sparse

Deep Sea Trophy Fishing
It goes without saying that deep sea fishing requires lots of the annoying screech of the reel, the clanking ring of a sea buoy, and the occasional squawk of a sea gull are pretty much all you’ll hear during your outings.

Deep sea exosuit helps with bioluminescent fish research
The only diving suit that lets a human reach 1,000 feet underwater was put on display at the American Museum of Natural History on Thursday. Dubbed the “Exosuit,” the system lets humans dive to regions where bioluminescent fish lurk in the darkness, with

Deep-sea ocean ecosystems endangered
CHICAGO – Relentlessly rising human demand for for deep-sea resources — fish, gas and oil, rare materials — is posing such a risk that international cooperation is needed if aquatic ecosystems are to be saved, U.S. scientists warn.


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