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So you have decided that it?s time for you to take your very first fly fishing trip. You have been practicing your casting and you have got all your flies ready to land a big fish. What do you need to think about when planning this fly fishing trip?The first thing to decide is where to go. There are many, many excellent places to hone your fly fishing skills at. Some great locations to consider are Washington state, Oregon, Northern California, Texas, and the Great Lakes region. Pick a plac…

This Is The Worst Catfishing Scam Ever
A national wave of “Catfishing” has fooled hundreds of Americans into false online romances. But any relationship can be torn apart by war — even fake Internet ones. Find more Col More A national wave of “Catfishing” has fooled hundreds of Americans

Catfishing ‘Rampant,’ But Online Dating Is Here To Stay
While online dating has finally moved from “last resort for the socially awkward” to “how I met your mother,” “catfishing” (a colloquialism for misrepresenting oneself significantly to a potential partner) is also an unfortunate side effect

Catfish, Nigerian princes and astroturf? Top 10 list of 2014’s worst scams
Here’s the complete list: 1. Astroturfing: A company tries to boost its public image by posting fake reviews on sites like Google and Yelp. 2. Catfishing: The scammer poses as a potential love interest on online dating sites in order to steal personal

Sharane Gott: Beware of ‘catfishing’ when looking for love on the Web
Many who thought about February were thinking also of romance; the Better Business Bureau was thinking romance scams, or “catfishing.” Most dating sites themselves are not scams; although a relationship scam can start simply. Two people meet

‘Golden Sisters’ Redefine ‘Catfishing’ On Their Holiday Special (VIDEO)
For a trio that first found fame on YouTube, the three “Golden Sisters” aren’t always so savvy with Internet lingo. On tonight’s “Golden Sisters” holiday special, 82-year-old Mary and 74-year-old twins Terry and Josie get a lesson in “catfishing

Smith Co. man indicted for murder of Longview teen after alleged ‘catfishing’
Longview, Texas (KETK) — A Smith County man has been indicted for the December murder of a Longview teenager. Alejandro Garcia, 22, of Winona was indicted by a Gregg County jury in the 124th District Court, February 27, for allegedly murdering 19-year

Catfishing: New Label for Old Scam
In the news lately, there has been a lot of talk about fake online profiles in light of a Notre Dame football star, Manti Te’o falling victim to a fake profile hoax. According to Te’o, he fell in love online but his girlfriend’s profile was


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