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As the temperatures dip below freezing and the snow begins to fly around the Great Lakes region some fisherman put their fishing equipment away, however some fisherman are just getting geared up to brave the cold and take on the rivers of the great lakes in pursuit of steelhead. Fishing in the winter on the Great Lakes can be brutal to say the least, but it also can be very rewarding. Often fishing in the winter means smaller crowds, bigger fish, and more fish. So what do you need to know to …

Midwest Fishing Report: Lakes and rivers around Chicago fishing
Ice fishing, still nearly universal, some beginning open-water river reports and the opening of LaSalle Lake on Saturday lead this Midwest Fishing Report. I will usually post the sprawling, raw-file online version of the MFR, which appears condensed on the

Chickamauga Lake among top 50 crappie lakes in country
Want to land some bragging-size crappie? Maybe even break the current IGFA all-tackle record? Then you’d be wise to fish the lakes rated by as the best in the country for oversized slabs. Fishhound compiled its 50 Best Crappie Lakes list

General Bass Fishing Forum
Not always true. I think you have a better chance to catch a big fish with a bigger bait, but you’ll still catch some smaller ones too. With small baits you’ll catch more fish and generally smaller, but it doesn’t mean you won’t catch a giant with it.

Hixson anglers win $2,125 in Chickamauga Slam Crappie Tournament
Dayton took another step toward becoming a major fishing destination point over the weekend with the first Chickamauga Slam Crappie Tournament. The two-day tournament drew 44 anglers from around the region, far less than most major bass tournaments.

Wildlife officials tout fishing for black crappie on Lake Griffin
Before it gets too warm, anglers might want to head out to Lake Griffin to fish for black crappie. Cool-weather targets for anglers, crappie spend much of their time feeding on small fish offshore, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife


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