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Fly fishing is one of those outdoor activities that has developed a language all of its own. If you are really going to get hooked, you are going to need some insight in to what people are talking about.There is a great debate in the fishing world as to whether fly fishing enthusiasts and regular anglers should be grouped together and use the same terms. At first glance, it would seem so. In truth, people that gravitate to fly fishing tend to stick solely with it. This, of course, has resulted i…

Fishing is just as popular outside of the United States
He and I also are throwing small Alabama Rigs around rock and rock/wood combinations. Kentucky spotted bass also are showing up. Spinnerbaits, jerkbaits and Greenfish swim jigs also are taking better fish. On Russell, I always put in at Beaver

401st AFSB officer practices bass fishing at Bagram Airfield
BAGRAM, Afghanistan — As the sun slowly peeks over the horizon, restless crickets and morning birds serenade the air. The crisp dew and smell of fresh spring grass permeate the atmosphere, while the misty fog ascends from the crystal depths.


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