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When it comes to fly fishing, attitude is half of the battle. You need to be able to switch on to a calm mindset that allows you to keep repeating the same technique without becoming frustrated. You must be able to use the surrounding natural beauty as a means of tempering your impatience. It requires forethought, dedication and commitment.
The other half of fly fishing is the equipment. One wise commentator once noted that whoever said one could not buy happiness had never invested in a new fly…

How Many Rigs Are Too Many?
How many striped bass rigs do you take with you? When I am jump-fishing for striped bass, I take at least four rods rigged and ready to go with me, and have the close at hand. Jump fishing is fast and furious, and you don’t want to waste time re-rigging a rod when the action […]

Fly fishing for walleye – three fishing secrets
The walleye is a popular game fish sought out by all types of anglers and fly fishing is becoming a very popular method used when fishing for them. They make a worthy adversary that gets lots of attention because they are so hard to catch. They can see very well, even in the dark and […]

Four walleye fishing tips to use in Michigan
Michigan is an excellent place to fish for walleyes. You can find this species all through this beautiful state in different lakes and rivers. Therefore, you can fish for them no matter where you live or where you’re visiting. Their glassy eyes reflect light and allow them to see well even in the dark so […]

5 New pike fishing tactics
Fishing is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s something that anyone can do regardless of where you live or how much experience you have. When you’re searching for a species that makes fishing exciting and challenging, many anglers seek out the pike. This large, predator fish is very aggressive so it […]

How can I find bass tournaments in ky?
How can I find bass tournaments in ky? Kentucky is a common location for bass fishing tournaments. With that in mind, you can use a variety of resources to find them. The internet is a key place to find out when they take place, the entry requirements, and any entry fees. You can also get […]


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