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When most anglers think about catching Permit visions of a flats skiff being poled over sun-drenched, salt-water flats come to mind. In Naples, Florida we have perfected techniques to catch permit, away from the flats, in deep water and at all times of the year.It is true most Permit are caught from a skiff is shallow water, bigger and more easily caught Permit can be taken from offshore towers, ledges and underwater springs. There are several ways to take the fish but the first and most importa…

Plenty of walleyes, perch for Lake Erie anglers this year
Remember that great hatch of 2003? It’s lasted 11 years now and there are plenty of those fish still in the lake. Some are Fish Ohio size or better (28 inches), so the state will be handing out plenty of certificates and pins for walleyes this year.

Walleye Sandwich
sauté the fish until golden on one side and then flip and place the pan in the oven for about 4 minutes. Toast your buns and assemble with lemon jalapeno aioli on the bottom, arugula, and finally top with crispy walleye. Roast one jalapeno in

Riege: The Walleye Run
As March days lengthen and the water temperature inches ever so slowly upward, an alarm within the walleye’s biological clock goes off, spurring the fish to begin an upstream migration in many rivers. To a hardcore walleye fanatic, there’s nothing

Love of Maumee River leads to book
There’s nothing cutesy or clever about the title — Fishing the Maumee River Walleye Run — and the content of the book is just as precise and to the point. If a passage won’t help the fisherman understand the river and the run

Fish Ohio
In the Maumee River, male walleye from the strong 2003 and 2010 White bass may be found in the rivers from mid-April, toward the end of the walleye spawning run, through early June. The peak of the run is usually some time in mid-May when

Anderson: For Roaches, fishing is a family affair
Q When did you decide to make a living fishing? Gary I got out of the Navy in 1959 tackle shop near Nisswa] and see about being a guide. I didn’t have a boat. But I did have a motor. And Marv gave me a Green Box depth finder.

Gary Engberg previews early river walleye fishing
I was beginning to wonder when the weather would finally moderate your boat and well sanded if there happens to be some ice. There also are camping sites open if you plan to fish a few days. The VFW area is clean, reasonable prized, and


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