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Evening Secret Blog – NFL Players, Coaches And Celebrities Enjoy A Day Of Sport Fishing Off Of South Florida

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The population count for Miami has about doubled for Super Bowl weekend. The historic Art Deco streets of South Beach have been shut down only allowing for the flood of pedestrians walking the sidewalks to overflow onto the streets.Some of the NFL Superstars and other Celebrities in town for this weekend chose to escape the organized chaos and relax by heading offshore for a fun filled relaxing day of Sportfishing. Capt Vinnie LaSorsa, owner of, is no stranger to entertai…

The fish with FOUR eyes: Deep sea creature has 360° vision to spot prey and predators
The barreleyes are an unusual family of deep sea fish, most of which have upwardly-directed eyes. The ‘main’ eyes detect the silhouettes of prey swimming above, while ‘extra’ side eyes give it a view of what’s going on below it and by its sides.

PFF slams issuing licenses to deep sea trawlers
KARACHI (PPI): Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) on Sunday criticized the governments Marine Fisheries Department, which has invited deep sea trawler companies of the country to issue licenses of fishing. PFF chairperson Mohammed Ali Shah in a


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