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Fly Fishing is a method of fishing that utilizes an artificial fly, a long flexible rod, a reel, and line. It is a very ancient and distinct angling method, developed primarily to catch trout and salmon but which is now being used to catch other species such as pike, bass, and carp, as well as a wide range of marine species. Artificial flies are crafted and then tied onto a hook with thread, fur, feathers and other materials in different sizes and colors to match naturally occurring insect or si…

Mille Lacs night fishing ban extended to boost walleye
Late-night ban to help walleye population recover will run until December. In an unprecedented move, late-night fishing on Lake Mille Lacs, a sport unto itself for generations of Minnesotans, has been banned for the coming fishing season, except

Mille Lacs fishing changes raise eyebrows
Anglers will again be allowed to keep two walleyes from 18 to shore by 9:20 p.m. to make sure they’re off in time. The ban also is extended to all fishing at night, meaning muskie anglers also will have to be off the lake by 10 p.m., which

DNR reviewing new guidelines for walleye fishing
(WQOW) – Anglers are itching to get out on the lakes in search of one of the most prized game fish in Wisconsin. Although the fishing season has not started yet, the DNR is busy reviewing new guidelines. In the next few weeks, it will do fish


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