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Evening Secret Blog – The 3 Rules Of Night Fishing

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With a few simple additions to your gear and some careful planning, it’s not as hard as many anglers think to enjoy fishing at night.There are three key aspects to safe and successful night fishing:1. Organisation ? During the course of a day’s fishing, your equipment tends to get strewn around the place. At night, this simply won?t work. You have to get organised and make sure that everything you may need to re-bait or re-tackle is kept tidily in the bivvy.It can get very dark away from the str…

Boat-makers benefit from the annual ban of deep sea fishing
CHENNAI: The sharp staccato rhythm of hammer on wood is unmistakable amidst the swoosh of the waves. The smell of wood and paint keeps the stench of dry fish at bay. As fishermen huddle over a game of dice close by, these men wield paint brushes, heave

If the damage being done to deep seas happened on land, there would be uproar
Does it matter that we know so little about the largest areas on our planet? Does the deep sea do anything for society? Is it important? An eclectic group of scientists, fishing representatives and government policy makers is meeting today in Edinburgh to

The fish with FOUR eyes: Deep sea creature has 360° vision to spot prey and predators
It might look like an alien from outer space, but this bizarre creature is a four-eyed fish that lives deep beneath the ocean on our planet. The fish’s extra pair of eyes give it 360° vision, even though the animal lives deep below the ocean’s surface in

Huge estate sale at 43 BOSKO DRIVE this Sat & Sun, 9-3. Selling antiques, china, silver, crystal, office furniture, computer, televisions, portable generator, toys and collectibles, clothes, fashion jewelry and premium deep sea fishing gear!

‘Deep Sea’ fish ban revoked
The saga of Davie ‘Deep Sea’ Paterson’s lifelong fishing ban from Linlithgow Loch took yet another twist this week as confusion reigned over the legality of the ban. Mr Paterson told us on Monday he has employed the services of a solicitor to deal

Big catches raised at the Easter Fishing Classic
Nice catch with Nathan Thomas and mate Derek Tamini at the Coffs Harbour 2014 Easter Fishing Classic at the Deep Sea Fishing Club. Leigh Jensen AFTER three days of fishing, the donated bounty from the Easter Fishing Classic went under the hammer raising $


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