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Evening Secret Blog – Hook Set Problems in Fly Fishing

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When a fish takes your fly, and he?s hooked, it would be nice if you would have a reasonable chance of landing our quarry. If you?re doing things right then you should. Occasionally though, the fish will sometimes fight for a couple seconds and get off. This is not an uncommon problem. If you’re losing a large amount of your hook-ups then something has to be rectified. The problem is usually the hook set. Pay attention to the following six factors that can affect a proper hook set.1. Hook Po…

Guilty parties try to keep things secret in hilarious farce from Cuckfield Dramatic Society
The scene is set for an evening and a morning of riotous misunderstandings as the many guilty parties try desperately to keep their own particular secrets secret. Tickets cost £7 for Wednesday and Thursday, May 28 and 29, and £9 for Friday and Saturday

White House Correspondents’ Dinner sends possible secret message for 2016
There were so many moments that merit discussion from this always-interesting, often-controversial evening, but the most important may not be so obvious to the casual viewer just tuned in for the entertainment. It seemed that a message was being sent to

In Secret (15)
The only thing In Secret may arouse is an occasional snort of derision. This is an artful tableaux of sexual repression and murderous intent in which lovers have dangerous liaisons within ear-shot of relatives. The film signposts every twist. As a child

Secret Service Blows Another Security Assignment
Sullivan’s assistant at the time, Lisa Chopey, had complained to Secret Service higher-ups about being harassed by one of her neighbors. Two agents were sent twice a day, in the morning and the evening, to monitor Chopey’s home, instead of manning

Secret Cinema 21 review: A roaring, hidden success
The film was actually an awesome added bonus at the end of an already awesome evening. I hadn’t actually seen the film, which was a nice surprise for me personally, but Secret Cinema often chooses films that most people should enjoy, especially if you are


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