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Evening Secret Blog – Steelhead Fishing in Pennsylvania

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With the colder nights and that first frost brings forth the beginning of steelhead season in Pennsylvania. For many anglers the arrival of the steelhead in creeks like Walnut, Elk, and 20 Mile brings a sense of excitement that is unmatched by other forms of fishing in the state. Steelhead Salmon are an extremely powerful fish that can make the drag on a reel scream and push your rod to it’s limits.

Now how do you go about fishing for these silver bullets? There are several techniques but t…

Ok, we have caught our bait and are now at or near the 100′ deep area and are ready to see if any grouper are going to cooperate. Our rig consists of a heavy snap-swivel tied directly to your main line. Make a 2-3 foot leader of 80 to 100lb mono leader and put a heavy swivel one end and a 8/0 hook on the other. Slip enough lead on the snap to keep you on the bottom, usually 12 to 20 oz depending on the wind and tide, and then slip the swivel into the snap also. Hook a baitfish up through the bot…


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May 18, 2014 at 10:00 pm

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