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Most anglers consider trout as one of their favorite ?fishing friends? while fishing. This artful species is found everywhere. Different varieties of trout choose different types of places as their native habitat.The territory from Labrador westward to the Saskatchewan is known as the native habitat of brook trout. Rainbow trout are conspicuous in the Pacific slope from Alaska to California.Brown trout are abundantly seen in the waters of every American state except Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota…

Nev Schulman Is A Rocawear Model (We’re Not Catfishing You)
Usually models aren’t supposed to teeth-smile, but we’ll make an exception. Photo: Rocawear Millions of people tune in to Catfish every week, partly to see naive, love-blind saps get their hearts broken by the internet, but mostly to see Nev Schulman.

The Magic Behind MTV’s ‘Catfish’
Two of the most interesting tidbits are that Nev and Max are not actually in on the behind the scene mechanics and that sometimes it’s the person doing the catfishing that contacts the show first. In addition, probably the biggest piece of news the

‘Catfishing’ Gets Its First Legal Mention
Thanks to the Manti Te’o hoax, everyone now knows what it means to be “catfished.” The term was coined by a filmmaker named Nev Schulman as the title for his documentary about falling in love with a Facebook hottie who turned out not to be the person

Shell-shocked! Catfish angler catches ‘dinosaur’ turtle weighing 100LBS
In a post that accompanied the jaw-dropping picture, Mr Harrell explained that he and a friend, Audey Clark, were catfishing in Mill Creek at Eufaula Lake when they came upon something really big. Harrell caught the alligator snapping turtle on a rod and


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