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Not every saltwater angler owns a boat. Now, that would be seen by most people as an apparent limitation to their ability and opportunity for fishing. How would you go saltwater fishing without a boat? Adding to this misconception is the fact that most fishing magazines feature pictures and articles about fishing that usually involves having a boat. And not just any boat. Take a look at some of those articles and you?ll find expensive boats with all the bells and whistles. This has dishear…

Gone fishin’: Weather warms up but bass fishing stays cool
Is it just me or has the fishing for striped bass been considerably off this season. If it is just me, I am having very poor luck. Last year, by the end of May, I had caught several keepers. I have yet to catch a sizeable fish. But fishermen remain optimistic.

Smallmouth bass are Nebraska’s clandestine trophy fish
it is getting into one of the favorite times of my summertime cycle of fishing. As the water heats up, especially in western Nebraska, smallmouth bass become a regular target. The smallmouth bass are in the sunfish family, one of the black bass family

Fishing Line: Week of June 16
AMERICAN RIVER– Flow are still up around 2,000 cfs. That’s great for fishing the American River, but take advantage of it. The lake has been “dropping like a rock.” Bass will be heading out to deeper water, and flows will have to drop back to 500

It’s time for poppers and bass
When fishing in heavy vegetation, even during the day, a hard pop is needed to attract the bass as it has little or no visibility to the fly. And a general rule is to slow down – let all the wake rings disappear before popping the bug again


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