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Evening Secret Blog – Night Catfishing Magic on Sprague Lake

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Some of the most enjoyable fishing I?ve done in the Inland Northwest has been the times spent night fishing for catfish on Sprague Lake.One of the reasons that I wanted to do an article on catfish fishing on Sprague Lake is that I recently learned of proposed plans by the WDFW, (Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife), to rehabilitate the lake this fall. It seems that the fishing angler density has fallen off the past few years to one of the lowest in the state. WDFW surveys say that the lake a…

Getting the Jump on Stripers
What tips on catching striped bass can you share with me today? Striped bass in freshwater are large, aggressive, fast moving and far ranging predators. They two goals in life, to eat all the shad they can find, and make little striped bass. In freshwater lakes and rivers, striped bass form large schools that can […]

More facts about largemouth bass
There are several facts about the largemouth bass that you may find interesting. That information can help you to improve your fishing strategy and to also have more fun with your outings. The largemouth fish is a type of black bass, and it belongs to the sunfish family. They are native of North America. This […]


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June 28, 2014 at 3:00 am

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