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Owen Sound may be a Music City, but most anglers know better. Owen Sound of Ontario, Canada is a Salmon Fishing City, a city where the most rewarding game of salmon fishing can be found. Owen Sound of Ontario, Canada is indeed breadth by breadth a salmon city.The waters over Owen Sound are remarkable in several aspects. One such aspect is its Lake Effect Snow phenomenon indigenous only to the Great Lakes. As such, residents in the area sometimes experience harsh snowfalls even on clear skies. An…

Night Fishing And Bigger Bass?
I’ve not done any night before unless you count 9pm to 9:20pm night fishing. When I go fishing in the evening, either in my kayak or bank fishing, I try to head home by 9:10pm. Anyway, I went bank fishing at a strip pit pond/lake this evening. I has three

Black sea bass season may be extended next year
MAFMC discussed at a meeting in June in New Jersey the possibility of opening the black sea bass season earlier next year for recreational fishing. It might allow party/charter operators to fish for it in January and February. Another possibility for

Bass fishing, National Fishing Week, deer tags and more!
Bass may be the last fishing season to open each year but with a growing list of devotees, myself included, it remains one of the most popular sport fish. Each year, the Valley bass season in Fisheries Management Zone (FMZ) 15 gets underway the fourth

General Bass Fishing Forum
I see anglers work cover with “search” lures, catch one bass & never make a repeat cast to that cover. Maybe fishing with me can be exasperating for people like my good friend and ages old fishing partner Pedro, he´s the typical “let´s keep moving and

Kayaks make splash in bass fishing
JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — In a sport that is synonymous with big boats, big motors and even bigger price tags, bass fishing from a kayak may seem as out of place as a snowmobile dealer in Biloxi. For an increasing number of anglers, it makes perfect sense.

Small Lake Bass
That indicates retirees, who spend a lot of time fishing. I won’t waste time on lakes like this because there are plenty of others that get little pressure that I can look at.” Once a lake passes that basic test, Alley will get down to finding bass.


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