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Evening Secret Blog – Three Reasons Why Bass Fishing In Mexico Is A Must!

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Bass fishing in Mexico is just about the ultimate experience for bass enthusiasts. Why? Well, this is a classic example of when size does matter and the lure of snaring fish at double digit weight is enough of an incentive for anglers to pack their bags and head for the lakes of Mexico.From Lake El Salto to Huites and Baccarac, Mexico offers a smorgasbord of options. Let’s take a brief look at three of the most popular bass fishing in Mexico destinations.Lake El SaltoDouble digit bass are a feat…

“Do I really need a guide?” is one of the most frequently asked questions from anglers going on their first fishing trip to a remote lake. It’s impossible to accurately answer that question with a “yes” or a “no”, but we can give you the information you need to know to answer the question yourself. Guides can frequently be worth having as long as you know just exactly what you’re getting. For example, hiring a guide is no guarantee that you’re going to catch a ton of trophy fish. The guide wil…


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July 12, 2014 at 6:00 pm

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