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Evening Secret Blog – Wooden Fishing Boats – From Traditional Marsh Pirogues To Wide-Bottomed Drift Boats

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So you’ve inherited that somewhat dubious old wooden fishing boat from your grandpa! You’re feeling proud to be the one to carry on the family fishing tradition, but you’re also experiencing just a little trepidation at the though of setting out on the wide open expanses of the lake this spring on a boat that has clearly seen better days…

Well, if your newly acquired old wooden fishing boat is looking a little worse for wear, you might do well to remember that wooden boat owners generally a…

Extra money leads to more walleye
The expanded stocking program will help address a downward trend in the population of Wisconsin’s prized fish, said DNR Fisheries Chief Ron Bruch. “One of the goals of the project is to get more walleyes and better walleye fishing across the state,” he said.

Walleye fishermen ready to cast out today
After about a week of pre-fishing, professional anglers from around the country are ready to cast off and cast out for walleye on the Allegheny Reservoir. Around 150 fishermen were at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford on Thursday registering for the

Rod, Gun and Game: Buffalo fishing in spotlight
Simple search will show that everyone who is anyone in the outdoor world seems to be publicizing the goodness of fishing in New York, Lake Erie, and more specifically, from Buffalo. We live within the biggest bass, walleye, musky and trout fishing magnet


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