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Throughout the evolution of mankind, there are not many things that have remained still facing thousands of years, which have stubbornly refused to change and morph into something else. One of these few things is fishing, an aspect so familiar and common that it is often disregarded by such categorizations. What started off as a means of food providing has become over the centuries one of the world’s favorite pastimes, attracting people of any age and from any corners of the planet.
Fishing is …

Summertime Northern Michigan Bass Fishing
Northern Michigan fishing has made another list: Bassmaster magazine unveiled its 2014 list of top 100 bass lakes in the United States, and five of our fishing holes made the list, and Grand Traverse Bay ranked in the vaunted Top 10. We checked in with

Bass fishing on Lower Saranac Lake
Over the past couple of decades, Dave Figura has developed an affinity for Lower Saranac Lake. An avid fisherman and Syracuse Post-Standard outdoors writer, Figura said he visits the lake once or twice a year to do some fishing and to relax at one of the

Fishing for trophy bass
Fishing for the elusive giant Florida largemouth bass is an occasional quest for many bass anglers and ‘the mission’ and single reason for going bass fishing for a select number of bass anglers. After all, tricking the largest bass in the lake to take


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